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Date ranges:All dates (Sky News Driving Survey)
Available dates: No restriction (all to Jul 31st 2008 09:18)
First collection: Jul 16th 2008 12:49
Last collection: Jul 30th 2008 21:13
Responses collected in period: 3150
Average collection rate: 9.1 per hour (219.5 per day)

The legal driving age in Britain is 17. Do you think this is:

About right38.51%
Too young60.73%
Too old0.76%
n = 3,145
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Thinking about the speed limits on UK roads, do you think they are:

About right49.65%
Too low (too strict)39.59%
Too high (not strict enough)10.76%
n = 3,142
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How many people, on average, do you think die on Britain’s roads everyday?

More than 3012.82%
n = 3,143
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If 'More than 30', how many?

50.About 50.50+.45.
Over 100 - at least.200.45.2000.
Around a thousand.60.200.31.
150.100's and I don't care, they should look where they are going.?100.
Have seen the state of the driving in this country.At least one a day.50.50.
Don't know.60.45.40.
100.40 ish.40.100.
100.60.120.Between 40 and 50.
I don't know.Because iot is one ofmain causes of eath in this country.200.50.
At least 50 per day.187.45.100.
50.Must be 1000.40-50.50.
3900 pa therefore
50.50.40 - 60.40.
40.35.A lot.45.
At least
2000.60.50.No idea.
100.60.355.100 at least!
60.45.. ?50.100.
50.50.40.Range of 30->50.
60.3000.1000.100. ish?

Are you a driver?

Yes, with a full licence90.48%
Yes, with a provisional licence2.26%
Yes, but I am currently banned0.03%
n = 3,142
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Do you have any penalty points on your licence?

n = 3,128
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If yes, how many?

More than 120.21%
n = 478
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If you started feeling very tired while driving would you immediately stop and take a break:

n = 3,110
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Do you break the speed limit:

Very often7.78%
n = 3,109
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Do you drive at more than 90 mph on motorways in the UK:

Very often1.55%
n = 3,102
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Do you drive at more than 40 mph in a 30 mph zone in the UK:

Very often1.80%
n = 3,105
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Do you use your mobile phone without a hands free kit while on the move?

Very often0.71%
n = 3,111
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Do you ever smoke while driving?

Very often5.36%
I don’t smoke74.59%
n = 3,113
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Do you take notice of road safety adverts?

n = 3,120
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If yes, do you consciously try to improve your driving as a result?

Don't know24.68%
n = 2,662
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Has anyone close to you (a relative or close friend) been:

Killed in a road accident16.74%
Badly injured in a road accident14.38%
Slightly injured in a road accident27.52%
No one close to me has been involved in any of the above41.36%
n = 3,143
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If so did it:

Make you change your driving habits21.06%
Put you off driving altogether3.42%
Not affect your driving habits75.52%
n = 1,814
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How much alcohol do you think these measurements translate to?

Half a pint of beer or a small glass of wine18.28%
One pint of beer or 2 small glasses of wine56.56%
Two pints of beer or 4 small glasses of wine24.18%
Three pints of beer or 6 small glasses of wine0.80%
Four pints of beer or 8 small glasses of wine0.19%
n = 3,135
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Do you ever drink and drive?

Yes, even after more than 4 units of alcohol1.09%
Yes, after no more than 4 units of alcohol (the equivalent of a two pints of beer/lager or four small glasses of wine)4.74%
Yes, after no more than 3 units of alcohol (the equivalent of a one and a half pints of beer/lager or three small glasses of wine)4.16%
Yes, after no more than 2 units of alcohol (the equivalent of a pint of beer/lager or two small glasses of wine)26.06%
n = 3,123
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If you had been drinking, but were unsure whether you were over the drink driving limit, and felt Ok...Would you drive?

n = 3,113
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Which do you think is the most dangerous road in the UK? Tell us the road number or name, and a location, and tell us why it is dangerous.

From Question: Which do you think is the most dangerous road in the UK? Tell us the road number or name, and a location, and tell us why it is dangerous.

It's some A road in Derbyshire.

No idea. Probably where there are most youngsters.

All motorways - middle lane drivers cause frustratrion leading to ill-advised driving (not mine).

No such thing as a dangerous road, just poor, bad or dangerous drivers.

As I dont drive I am not sure.

A31 in Surrey. Excessive speeding and poor lighting make it a hazard. Turn offs and badly maintained road markings do not help.

I really do not have an idea, as an assumption I would chose a number of country roads with a 60pmh limit where it is not possible to pass another vehicle.

Death Valley in Manchester. It is dangerous because 4 lanes collide over one another when 2 motorwards converge then seperate and one has to cross 4 lanes of motorway to get anywhere it's awful.

The A9 in Scotland, it has improved but still used by HGV and tractors, too many idiots driving quicker than their ability.

A34 from Southampton to Oxford. Not enough street lighting and a people speed all the time.

Don't know.

Nothing comes in mind at the moment...

I don't drink and drive because I don't drink. I don't exceed speed limits because I'm diabetic and I have to be aware of my ability to drive safely. The further north you go, the worse the drivers are. Most of them disconnect their indicators when they pass their tests - you're supposed to know what they're doing! There's a ring-road in Nottingham which I DREAD going on when I'm visiting, because four lanes go into two within 10 yards and it's like Brands Hatch with everyone going mad trying to overtake just to get one car in front. I use public transport as much as I can in London.

A889 - A86-A9 (near Dalwhinnie) reported by BBC.

Glasgow to Carlisle. It is dual carriageway with roads crossing - dangerous at night particularly. There are many similar roads to this with the same dangers.

M70. It has a very poor reputation for accidents.

Chilbolton Avenue, Winchester. The allowed 40 limit is too high and there are many accidents. Nothing has been done despite protestations to police & council.


No view.

Junction at Holborn Circus because too many memebers of the public are trying to cross and with the heavy traffic gets so congested. An accident awaiting to happen.

Coventry City Ring Road. It is dangerous because people are changing lanes and directions and drivers cross over each other's paths.

A13, Barking/Dagenham.

A46 - newark to Nottingham - straight Roman Road, hilly with no over taking places.

A52 Grantham / Boston / Skegness - gateway to the East coast. Because it is a single carriageway road that is heavily used by large lorries and caravans. 5 years ago I myself was awarded 5 penalty points and given a £380 fine for exceeding the speed limit whilst performing an overtaking manouvre. I had followed two articulated lorries and a caravan at approx 40mph for about 10/11 miles and when I did get an opportunity to pass all three at one go (they were not leaving enough room to safely overtake individually) I was caught by a mobile speed trap. I considered myself a victim and in hindsight can see why the police set up their trap in that location, because it is one of the few points that you do get an opportunity to overtake.


One with a driver under the influence of drink or drugs or friends egging them on.

M25, because of the Ammount of traffic and when it rains the water stays on the road.

M1 London to Leeds, too many lorries too close together and too impatient.

Ther one 50 yards from home when people stop concentrating.

Tolldish Lane Thee humpbacked single lane bridges with no view.

A417 between Cirencester and Fairford Gloucestershire, it has had many fatal accidents.

Wendover bypass. Too wide, too straight, too inviting to speed.

Don't Know.

All roads are dangerous when you witness some of the standards of drivers!

Nothing springs to mind. But I need to comment about your first question or two - they did not enable me to express my true opinion. The fact is that I feel the speed limit should be reduced in built-up areas (not strict enough), but increased on motorways (too strict).

M6 Motorway - from junction 16 - 30. There is an accident or 2 daily.


Cannot be specific.

M25 Too much high-speed tail-gating.

There are too many to list, but probably roads near the Channel Tunnel, overloaded with foriegn lorries.

M1 - roadworks at junction 6-10 - speed average speed limit is not observed by all.

A631 between Gainsborough and Market Rasen.Motorcyclists using it as a race track.

M20 london bound after Dover and Euro Tunnel, due to the foreign lorry drivers and their unsafe veichles not known our roads.


A505 between Baldock and Royston. I have personally witnessed two serious accidents caused by people losing control of their vehicle when they spotted a speed camera. Also, this is a dual carriageway with several points where traffic crosses the carriageways.

A4 between Bristol and Bath. Traffic speed is much too fast.

A38 Devon Expressway. Very high speed, lots of tired drivers, very bad junctions.


How the hell am I supposed to know that, it is monitored though so its easy to find out if you want.

M61 Junction with M62 Due to Volume of traffic.

M1. sheer number of cars / bikes.

Any road that has people racing each other.

M6/M1/A14 intersection at Catthorpe - fatalities every few weeks.


M25, as living in the south east, this is the only road I know of that has the most accidents/ fatalities.

Catthorpe M1/M6 interchange Frequent collisions and several deaths due to poor design and heavy traffic.

No idea. at a guess I would say one of the main motorways leading into london but not near the city as it would get too busy to cause major accidents.

Any long straight road, that encourages people to think they can drive fast.


A12 at Colchester, too many lane changes.


M40 Noth of Birmingham. Too much congestion, .

Any road that relises on speed cameras for safety.

Any road I happen to be driving on.


M20, forign lorrys.

M25 or M62. Too busy, too many people displaying bad driving habits. Too many people trying to use the motorways to catch up on lost time.

They are all fairly dangerous.

Cat and Fiddle (peak district - buxton road) Too many bends, blind spots and mad arsed drivers What do you think.


In Chelmsford somewhere.

A14 Cambridge - Huntingdon, especially M11 end junction. Road is too small for volume of traffic travelling between M11 and A1 motorways.

M25 at heathrow.

Street corners - can easily knock over people and cars parked on side. police put traffic rules breaks second prority. also I dont drink!

M1 - hear about it on the news alot.

The easy option.

A41 travelling south from mill hill circus roundabout towards brent cross. Immediately on leaving the roundabout, one tends to accelerat, however you approach a pedestrian crossing almost immediately which although there is a red light light you are on it too late. I have gone over it and I see it every time I travel.

No idea.

I have no idea as I do not know all the roads in the UK. This would be something only police accident statistics could tell you and I do not have access to those.

A12 check out the accident history!

A38 Somerset - Narrow, winding, brow of hill, many near misses usually people who do not live in the area and think it is an easy ride, but it is not.

M18 Yorkshire Lorries they drive too close to you and play leap frog with each other I sometimes have had to speed to get away from them.

A47 acle straight narrow and deceptive.

A40 because lorry and van drivers are mental on this road and over take you at bad moments.

A1 - far too busy and drivers ignore speed limits without any police intervention.

M25, because the speed limit is too low the traffic builds up and the average speed then gets lower causing frustration and acidents as a result.


Marlabone road too much traffic.

Not known.

No opinion.

As you come out of Linton (cambs) on way to Haverhill. A1307. There have been lots of car accidents along this stretch.

A3 has three narrow lanes between Roehampton & Hook.

Woodhead Pass between Tintwistle and Barnsley. This road has some very sharp bends in parts, causing an over-cautious approach by some drivers. There are very few safe overtaking points, I have seen frustrated drivers who think they know the road well often take chances overtaking. Also being over the Pennines it is often subject to snow/ice when the lower lying surrounding areas may be clear.

M25 - Racetrack for idiots!

Upper Thames Street London EC3 Long, straight, speeding, thousands of pedestrians, insufficent time allowed to get people across the street.

None more dangerous than he others - depends on drivers conduct.

They are all dangerous. It is drivers who cause "accidents", of which over 95% were avoidable.


A47 acle straight near gt yarmouth, straight road with dips , should be dual carriageway.

A47, major trunk road that is mainly single carriage way.

M25, So congested, makes nornal drivers of any age see red! You know the M25........


A449 in Worcs, area. This is a raod that has many blind spots on and is used by bikers a lot who do weave in and out and cause accidents.

Liverpool end of M62 due to a very bad bend, which runs over a blind hill and then onto complex traffic lights. The bend is sharp after normal motorway speeds and can catch you out. also you run over a blind hill and right onto traffic lights, if you don't watch it, and cars are held up on lights, you suddenly find stopped cars just over the hill....out of sight....and can catch you a rather dangerous section....resulting in a number of accidents.

Any Road in the UK is a Danger.

A 605 Northamptonshire.High number of accidents per year.

Motorways in general as a large number of people use who would not normally and have no idea what they are doing.

Any road near an airport! People forget the rules so they cna find there plane.

A590 from Barrow-in-Furness try driving on it!

M25 to many cars.

I have no idea.

A1 - used as a 'motorway' by many but not really designed as such. Too many junctions and farm vehicles etc. using it etc. I often use the section between Wetherby and Newcastle.

M6, always reporting about accidents and I keep an ear open because it is my route home from work.

Readinjg to Henley, very bendy with confusing speed limit signs which cause more accidents as they ar enot clear, they change within yards of each other, ridiculous.


Riddings Road in Huddersfield. Its used as a racing track by motorbikes, young car drivers and twockers (stolen cars) despite being regularly patrolled by the Police.

Roads are safe, it's stupid people who think they can chat or text whilst driving. I saw a woman on the Leeds ring road reading a magazine!

Every road is dangerous, when you have boy-racers and 80 y.o. going so slow that to try and get past them puts everyones life in danger. Drivers min age should be 21 and a re-test taken every 3 years for over 70's.

Leith walk edinburgh! There is inadequate warning re the roadworks and the barriers in place are too flimsy and inadequate signing how to negotiate the roadworks especially in bad weather ie fog, rain. However this is really consistent with all the roadworks I have observed and tried to negotiate in Edinbugh! Very dangerous!

Any road with a speed camera on it.

M25 congestion of traffic, so many lanes, variable spped limites.

A32. On sunny days, motorbikes race along country lanes at ridiculous speeds and past grass hidden junctions.

A38 (around Derby) - old / poorly built etc.

A 12 Too busy, too narrow, in Essex.

Junction 9 (Winnal) on M3 leading to A34. Cars accelerate up North bound slip road of M3 to beat traffic lights. Due to other traffic signals vehicles can be static on rounderbout. Same happens south bound on A34 to junction. I have witnessed between 5 and 10 accidents in a year. Trucks just seem to fall over on rounderbout??

A 50 fast dual carriageway carrying a large no of heavy trucks.

Any Motorway because 99% of people don't know how to use it properly in terms of lane usage and also distance to car in front.

I have no idea ...

A14 in Cambridgeshire.

No idea they are all dangerous.

No idea - how could I? For the record, the reason I don't speed as much as I did is because I DID have points on my license. And I don't drink at all - full stop. So for me as a driver, the question of "drinking and driving" is irrelevant...

M25 in general.

Cumbria, A590. Many loose there lives there every year because of its layout.

A442 telford . road deaths still occuring after improvements and speed reduction.

A21 outer London to Hastings. Poor lighting, very limited overtaking opportunities, heavy traffic.


This is nearly as daft a question as the one about speed limits. Motorway speed limits are probably too low where there are more than two lanes (three or more lanes 80 mph). Urban speed limits, particularly around schools or where there is no off street parking are too high at 30 mph should be 15 mph - including for cyclists!

Buxton to Macclesfield road in Derbyshire. Bad weather, bends, motorcyclists driving too fast.

A11 at Elveden.

Cat and Fiddle, narrow, windy and not enough speed camera;s.

Area around m4 brynglas tunnel newport gwent - 3 lanes going into 2 and extrememly busy.

Probably the M6 because I always hear traffic reports for issues on that road.


Most motorways. Drivers often don't appear able to read road conditions or accurately judge the speed of other drivers.

No idea.

A4 as I walk home from work and have nearly been run over numerous times because of drivers running red lights, even going through when the green man is showing its safe to cross.

A12 from Rivenhall End passed Witham to Hatfield Peverel. Lorrys doing 70mph swerve across lanes without warning to make space for vehicles emerging from side roads. There are no proper slip roads.


M62 - the stretch between Manchester and Leeds: volume of traffic, especially at peak times and motorways merging; also M1 is equally dangerous - the stretch between London and Nottingham for the same reasons.

Roads are not dangerous if drivers use the roads correctly.


A4103 long stretch of road between Worcester and Hereford which is almost all 2 lane - has about 2 areas where you can pass slow traffic on a hill. Winds and carries many lorries etc.. Really the only main road between the 2 cities - the A 44 (I think) between Worcester and Bromyard another route is even worse.

Anerly Rd (A214) at Maple Rd, London SE20. 'Elf-'n-Safety have built the kerb out into the road but there are no signs, bollards or lights. On the A21/M25 roundabout at Green St Green they've redrawn the markings so they now defy logic (and the Highway Code). And on Birmingham Rd (A3400) in Stratford upon Avon they have put in the most awkward roundabout ever. While I'm on, how do they expect drivers to obey matrix signs when they are so often wrong? 50mph followed by End with nothing in between? Bah.

A11 From Thetford to Barton Mills. It has dual carriageway at both ends, it has farm and slow vehicles using it quite often which frustrates other drivers, it leaves Norwich as the only city that cannot reach London by dual carriageway alone.

A 4074 Oxford to Henley - middle lane for overtaking.


A537 Macclesfield to Buxton (Cat & Fiddle route), dangerous because too may people (especially bikers) take it too fast without knowing the road well enough.

Roads in UK are ALL dangerous due to the number of persons flouting the law because they think it does not apply to them.

A4074 Reading. its more like a raceway.

No idea.

A66 in Cumbria, fast wide straights mxied with tight twisty bends.

M20/26 There are a large number of foreign drivers, particularly lorries, and it can be very scary driving on these roads.

A30, West of Exeter. Weekenders from London think they own the road going west on Friday evenings, eastwards on Sunday evenings. Speed at 95MPH, frequently tailgate, do not signal when manoevering, and manoevre dangerously.

No idea.

All of them.

A66 Penrith to Scotch Corner - any of the single lane sections - because people lose patience when stuck behind lorries.

M6 Motorway.

A406 - the North Circular in London. Far too fast for the type of road.

I have no idea.

A 515. This is a fast road with a 50 limit that everybody breaks.

A9 Perth to Inverness Needs to be upgraded to full dual carriageway. Too many junctions to the right in the face of oncoming fast traffic.


The road is in the Peak District, I can't remember the name or number.

Roads in saddleworth as they are badly lit and very steep and often have a national speed limit.


M4/M5 interchange. Very badly designed especially north M5 to East M4 junction requring two carriageway crossings.

No idea all roads have there dangers.

They are all dangerous.

A40 into Oxford. Never experienced more wreckless lack of concern for fellow drivers.

Not sure - there was a program on TV recently, but I forget which road - somewhere in the Midlands perhaps.

I'm not really sure, each road is only as dangerous as the users make it and they tend to move around a bit as they drive. In general though I believe those in the midlands to be worst as they don't seem to have heard of indicators nor their usage.

Don't know. I use the train for work and our car does no more than 5, 000 miles a year between myself and my wife.

A361 Daventry to Banbury. Unimproved road with heavy traffic and many dangerous bends.

A686 (Hartside Pass in Cumbria) Favourite with motorbikers, who interact (often dangerously) with motorists.

A303 major accidents always happening.

Country lanes are probably the most dangerous judged by usage vs. accidents. The M25 too congested and to be avoided if at all posible.

A303 to west country - ridiculous that such a major arterial road is only single file at some points.

Very often the accident blackspots are CREATED by overcomplicating systems. Here is one rare example where the authorities have faled to cover that fact up:

A12 substandard for amount of traffic.

A164 Beverley to Driffield.

I think many roads are dangerous now. Not because of the drivers but of good investment and up keep of the roads. I feel very strongly about this. The government has all the money but dont give us a good road to travel on.

A429 outside Moreton in Marsh. Its in the countryside, straight road and cars are driven VERY fast with lots of overtaking.

A1, It should be a motorway as it's the main link between Scotland and England.

M25 - Reigate juntion. Too much traffic trying to complete for space on the motorway. Even on a Sunday, the traffic slows down suddenly or stops due to the amount of traffic flowing onto the motorway at that junction.

A 50 too many cars speed down it, even when its raining because there no motorway police on there.

Counce street , , blackpool very deep pot holes...snapped one of my front springs, , 250 quid.

M11 Not really a Motorway with plenty of 2 lanes only. Main route to London's 3rd airport at Stansted.

A 14...dual carriageway with too many lorries.


M25. Frustration because of traffic levels and density and the consequent effects on travelling times.

Any motorway where stupid lane hoggers hog lane 2 and 3 for miles with out over taking any one. any old person over 70 that drives at 30 in a 60 zone.

No particular road. Time of day makes a difference I feel. Early evening when young men are out showing off is not a good time.

A12 London To Suffolk.

A9 Perth-Inverness because of sudden changes in weather coupled with drivers who exceed the speed limit.

Undecided - too many choices.

A66. To much heavy trafic and alternates between dual and single carriageways.

All of them, including Country Lanes these days. Why? Roads in this Country are "clogged up" leading to any rat-run available and speed merchants everywhere.

I don't know which is the most dangerous road in Britain, but roads don't kill people poor driving ability kills people (in whatever form eg inadequate observation) thats why they train police especially those who may need to drive fast.

B3397 to and from Hamble Hants. It is used by fuel tankers to and from the refuelling depot, the police training centre and many industries located on this road and it is the only road ie no alternatives.

Dont know.

A47 any stretch, its heavily used by HGVs on their way to the ports, so has a high percentage of foreign vehicles on a two lane road where inclines lead to dubious overtaking.


Cat and fiddle, derbyshire, it is a magnate for fast cars and motorbikes, who are not able to handle the vehicles they drive.


Roads are dangerous due to poor road management more than anything else, deliberate obstructions, chicanes and other blockages in the road. Motorists pay £60 billion to drive on roads full of Pot holes and other issues. Road taxes should only go on roads not scum bag parents who do nothing more than breeding juvenile delinquents.

Pretty much anywhere with a speed camera.

The one in front of the driver.

The Gowksley Moss Roundabout at Milton Bridge, Penicuik because it has a camber to the left as you drive round clockwise then 2 lanes merge into 1. Have a look! Its frightening in a bus!

M1 J34-J26 - is always congested, and has had road works on it at various points from early 2004 and they will continue until 2010 - the number of lorries on this stretch of road, and the reduced road space, make for a leathal cocktail, it is a strectch of road that is closed far too many times because of accidents.

Don't know.


No idea.

There are a lot.

A421 unlit A6 between Clophill and Luton unlit M25 - too much traffic.

No idea, but think its somewhere in Derbyshire - the A582 or something like that.

Don't know.

Penine Way Yorkshire number of fatalites.

A12 near to M25 in Essex it is just full of loony drivers I hate driving near Romford.

Old Woking Road in West Byfleet Surrey. At the traffic lights, the road goes from 2 lanes to 1 and people try and overtake on inside. I have seen more near accidents there than any other road I've travelled on.Accident waiting to happen.

A12.Too congested.Bad slip roads.

A41 through Cheshire - many accidents for various reasons but often because of people overtaking lorries, cars racing etc.

A615 Buxton - Drivers speed! A5 - Drivers speeding - also a danger.

M1 too much traffic.

M62 Alot of people are involved in accidents on this road because people to not get into the correct lane in time, thus cutting up other drivers/.

Buckingham to Aylesbury.

None that particularly spring to mind.

Dont really know of any particular one.

A6105 as several people have been injured & killed in the last few years. Country road are very dangerous.

M6 I use it often at weekends and its a very busy road especially in the staffordshire areas.

A361 North Devon Link built as single carriageway road but busy artery to North Devon from M5.

A9, Between Perth and Inverness.Because average speed can be under the limit for that road due to heavy traffic and large vehicles (lorries, coaches etc) this causes impatience in drivers thus making them drive irationally.And a lack of dual carriage for most of the 111 miles.

Any unlit country lane with no apparent speed limit.

M25 because a vast number of drivers (a) dont use their mirrors/or indicate enough before overtaking(b) drive far to close to the car in front of them (c) cut in and out of the traffic (d) do not drive to road/ weather conditions and drive far to fast(e) equally those that drive to slow are also a danger.

M!. Many think they can please themselves when commuting to and from London and the Midlands.

I don't know of any extra dangerous roads!


Any two lane motorway.

M25 – poor lane discipline, as no one seems to know which lane to be in.

North Road, Hetrtford Cars speed on this road despite there being a school and restrictive vision throuhout.


Any with human in control of vehicle.

No idea.

M25. Simply because of the traffic and speed of vehicles.

A59 - always appears to have a fatal accident every week, usually caused by speed.

Roads are not dangerous, drivers are.


A12 between Romford in Essex and the M25. Most accidents - poor driving.

M25 in essex...I think someone told me it was.


The A9 from perth to Inverness the speed is set at 60 most drivers dont keep to it and overtake recklessly , they are planning to make it a dual carriageway , but it will just double the problem since we will have twice as many stupid drivers on it. I drive at 60 all the way and cars still go past me like I was parked.

Any roads with humps, shicanes and cameras, as i am looking at them and not the road ahead and other traffic.

A 70 Roads near Cumnock. Blind bends which people overtake on. Several deaths a year.

M25 , the variable speed limit causes to many cars to break suddenly; also foreign hgv's are lethal on our roads.

A66 Although the road has been greatly improved lately there are still parts of it that need improving.Saying that it does not really matter about the road standard it is the standard of driving that must be taken into consideration.Fast car young driver young passengers fatal combination on any road!

A1 belfast-Newry.

M6 northof Birmingham. Volume of traffic with high percentage of heavy lorries often "squeezing " cars.

Downing Street Home of the stealth car tax.

A66 scotch corner to carlisle.

M1 Because it is full of idiots who do not know how to drive properly and should have a minimum speed as well as Max. People who stay in middle lane doing 40/50mph are more dangerous than those doing 80 in outside lane. Police should concentrate on prosecuting those who are a danger to others not speeding traffic who are only a danger to themselves.

A628 Snake Pass - elevation, undulating, liable to bad weather, particularly snow.


M25 - lunatic white van Essex man.

Not sure, sorry!

M25. Too crowded and mostly drivers are late because of traffic delays, which causes frustration and risk taking.

Dont know.

I'm not sure. In my area there are no dangerous roads....just dangerous drivers.

A1, warrants Motorway status however is mainly dual carriageway.

The Cat and Fiddle road near Buxton Derbyshire, too many motor cyclists at the weekends. they race and time themselves to compete against friends. It is very hazzardous for other drivers.

No idea.

Don't know.


Not sure of the name but it's the road towards Buxton from Stockport that passes through Dovecote, crazy motorcyclists!

B1190 its very straight at times and with many bumps.

M 25.

The heads of the valley road in Wales bordering on Brecon Beacons, ; I think it is to do with the road markings and people not taking much notiuce of them i.e. overtaking when a continuous line is present.

There are no dangerous roads the danger is the drivers on them! I would mandate regular driver training for all which I have in my job and revamp the driving test to reflect todays requirements. I would also increase penalties for serious driving offences.

Congleton road butt lane a34 also crown bank talke both the same loads of heavy lorrys useing them well over weight limet on crown bank.

Can't answer this - It's not the M25! or any Motorway in numbers of volume it's a safe but boring way to travel.


M8 as it is the main road betweed Glasgow and Edinburgh and is mainly a dual carriage way and cannot cope with the amount of traffic that uses it as a result it takes the same time to get from one to another in peak times as it did when the only mode of transport was horse and cart.

A82 because alot of people have been killed on it.

A46 Lincoln to Nottingham. Too much single carriageway.

A57 'Snakes Pass' between sheffield and manchester. Is a very busy road and requires concentration maybe more than your average A road or motorway.

A303 - long stretches of dual carriage way interspersed with single lane resulting in dangerous overtaking manoeuvres.

A55 due to lack of speed signs advising speed a;;owed.

A35 christchurch bypass, near Christchurch/ somerford roundabout, insufficient lighting, nasty curve, dangerous when wet combined with the bad lighting.


The M42 - dangerous because of hard shoulder running & speed control.

Stocksbridge by pass near sheffield. drivers go too fast for such a winding road.

M25 Too Fast.

A9 in Scotland Totally reckless driving.

One in Cornwall, I don't know its' name but it always has accidents.

A1 between Dishforth & Scotch corner there seems to be an accident or two along that streatch daily.

Any dual carridgeway (a303 as just 1) people simply pull out to overtake without checking mirror or sit in outside lane at low speed causing bumper to bumper delay.

M25 - volume of traffic with poor drivers driving at high speeds.

To be honest any road is dangerous as it's the idiots on the roads these days that cause the problems and not the roads themselves.

M40 between junction 3 and 4. there have been countless accidents there because people drive too fast.




M25, all of it. people drive too fast and without little respect for other drivers, its everybody for themselves!

The A9. Single track in too many places which causes frustration and unsafe overtaking.

A3 Guildford Bypass, its a bottleneck with poor alignment, tight radius bends and only 2 lane dualled when 3 lanes are desperately needed throughout its length.

No idea!

A1 north of the scottish border suddenly becomes singlelane aftre dual carriageway.

A16 grimsby to boston, I used the road for many years, but I think the road sign says it all by the number of people killed on it?

Macclesfield to Buxton - too many motorbikes driving much too fast.



M11 between M25 and Colchester. Full of HGV's, White Van and cars. The quality of driving from car drivers and especially White Van man is awful.

Any motorway as there are so many people that drive excessively fast and too close to the car in front. These people would have no way of stopping in an emergency and could/have caused many accidents.

A 47 Licolnshire Because it is straight and flat and the younger people think it is a race track. (they also think they are immortal?).

Peterhead to Mintlaw road. Grampian. Boy racers driving far too fast daily showing reckless regard for the danger to them or anyone else on the road.

Dont Know.

A40 between Gerrards Cross and Beaconsfield. Poor state of repait and the morons at the Council have switched off the lighting.

A9 - should be dual carriageway. It is the main road from North to South Scotland and is extremely busy. Frustration appears to be the main cause of accidents.

M25 Its a race track - people travel way too fast.

Don't know. I don't venture too far out the north east. my nearest major road is the A1 so i'd hazard a guess at that.

A14 Huntingdon to Cambridge. It is a bottle neck two lane road with a massive increase of use by large foreign lorries. Three major roads funnelling through one two lane road.Lorries often occupy all the lanes side by side often for three miles or more causing tailback and congestion for local comuters even those trying to get to the park and ride for Cambridge. Disgraceful and Dangerous.

M25 - too crowded.

A3 in Surrey - dangerously narrow lanes and poor signposting.

No idea.

Ring road around london m25 too much traffic accidents waiting to happen.

M25. The road isn't dangerous. It's the people who use it who are dangerous.

M62 Cars going too fast and lorries taking up two lanes, partially causing the problem.

M25 near M4 turnoff - because of volume of traffic and number of lane changes taking place.

M6. At least, this is the road I dislike more than any others and I have driven on a lot of roads, including the M25. M6 is always busy & has many risk-takers driving on it at busy times. It is not the speed people are driving at so much as how they pull out suddenly, cut in, drive too near to you, and all of these done at speed. Also lots of lorries & in rainy times the spray can make visibility really poor.

Any road in central London where cyclists fly in and out of the traffic.

A591 Cumbria. Very winding, but tempts you to drive fast.

Not sure.

I find the A21 between Lamberhurst and Robertsbridge is dangerous. It's a narrow unlit country road and intimidating, particularly in the dark.

A53 between Leek and Buxton.

Bayton Lane in Rawdon/Yeadon, Leeds. Because it is a narrow, windy, uphill, unlit road which connects two towns and is used by people who take it too fast and do not allow for its tricky nature, particularly at night.

B2133 - narrow, single carriageway, a cut through from Brackenll area to Brighton/Shoreham area, used by trucks and overtaking nutters. Have nearly been head-onned by blind bend and blind rise overtakers more times than I can count. Only by defensive driving and assuming every rise and bend hides a nutter can you survive this road.

A5080 - I grew up living on this road and have seen countless road accidents on it.

A52, Lincolnshire. Lends itself to speeding.


M6 Fog and frost.

A12 .not wide enough in places.people drive to fast on it.

A/ m42 2 lanes then three no passing places and lorries double up on the road side by side.


All roads are dangerous.

Don't know.


It's somewhere in Scotland, don't know where exactly.

M25. People drive badly because they are often frustrated, many people don't observe lane discipline resulting in overtaking on the inside, foreign drivers and lorries don't look properly when changing lanes, signs for things like lane closures are often inaccurate and this leads to them being ignored and risks are taken. The traffic often travels too close together. Sometimes the signage is abysmal for road works, leading to confusion for those that don't know that part of the road, leading to indecision and accidents.

M1 - Heavy concentration of traffic particularly in the northern home counties during commuter times of the day which sometimes results in agressive driving behaviour.

A82 most of it from Tarbet Loch Lomond to Inverness.

This road is obviously not in my area. My part of the world is full of country lanes, they become quite dangerous with tourists in summer.

Most of the roads in shropshire which are badly maintained and full of pot holes.

Any road is - where a drunken driver or druggie happens to be! Smokers do not cause accidents.. so get off smokers backs! Concentrate on the real criminals, i.e. drinkers and druggies!

A339 Newbury - Basingstoke windy road only one small bit of dual carriageway with a lot of HGV traffic.

Tuelfoot to Torpoint Cornwall. Large number of fatel accidents on this Road in last five years!

A4 - A444 interchange Fast traffic meeting local slower moving traffic.

The M25. Dangerous because of teh speeding tailgaters and the sudden stops in traffic flow.

A406 - fast drivers all needing to get somewhere quickly.

M25 - a continuous sea of traffic moving too fast and driving too close.

A9 & A96 Scotland. Too few overtaking opportunities as rare dual carriageways, so build-up of traffic behind lorries makes folk take awful risks.

The Snake Pass in the Peak District, it was shown on TV recently in a programme as being the most dangerous road in Britain.

Novroads are dangerous, just the drivers on them.

I rarely experience roads outside of London and wouldn't consider them dangerous. Poor drivers or drivers making silly mistakes cause the accidents I have witnessed.

Roads are inanimate objects and cannot therefore be dangerous. It is the people who drive on them who are dangerous.

M40 between banbury and gaydon due to the incline.

A607 either side of Melton Mowbray. It is single carriageway with numerous bends and is very popular with motor cyclists.

Difficult .. I don't know all .. M6 dangerous with high volume of fast traffic with too many lorries. A1/A1M similar in dual carraige areas due to fast cars and lorries overtaking.. any raod with high volume of lorries AND white van man!

M5 m6 m4 m25.

The Road from Buxton to MAcclesfield, don't know hte number. Its very difficult to drive, bendy and the car hanldes oddly on it.



A12, Traffic drives too fast, slip roads coming on too short.

M1 always has been ever since they opened it. Have never liked using this motorway.


Don't know the name but it's the motorway around London (M1) I think.

Any side road. Some people think they can drive as fast as they like as it is unlikely that there is a speed camera or any body policing them.

No roads are dangerous, only the drivers on them.

A1m - north of newcastle needs to be upgraded.

A17 Lincolnshire. Too many impatient drivers trying to overtake at the wrong time.

A14 cambridge to huntingdon frequent accidents.

M6 North of Birmingham - wall-to-wall trucks versus speeding motorists.

I Travel 40, 000 miles a year and I think one of the most dangerous aspects of motorway driving is the foriegn lorry driver , they side swipe , the MI M6 A19 are getting worse.

Any country road which attracts motorbikes.

Snake pass.

A14 - mainly cambridgeshire I use the road frequently and am regularly delayed by accidents. Also - It is very regularly reported on traffic reports as being restricted because of accidents.

M25 - just so busy!

A38 (?) from Hadrian's Wall to Edinburgh. It's very windy with many blind corners and dips - and drivers can easily get fustrated when stuck behind a slow vehicle - and it's just extremely dangerous to overtake on many stretches of this road.

All road depends on the Driver driving on them.

M25 - drivers go mad on it.

Don't know.

Snake Pass.

None of the roads in the u.k are dangerous its the people who use them. Its the drivers who cause the accidents not the roads.

I believe any road, anywhere, is dangerous if there's people driving recklessly on them.

M6 in Cheshire - crowded with lorries which frequently pull out to overtake each other without any warning.

Don't know.

M25. The standard of driving and disregard of the laws seem to to be worse than any other road or motorway.


M27 (M3 to Rownhams).

A9 - not enough dual carriageway, too many risky overtaking manouvres on certain areas. a96 - same as a9.

Thanet Way, Kent :- fast straight road too many roundabouts no dual carraigeway.

Snake's Pass. No mobile signal and have attended to two RTAs there in as many years.

M1, M25 too busy.

All of them. Too many people break the law by speeding. People who break the law are criminals. Therefore all drivers who speed are criminals. Anyone guilty of driving 25mph+ over the limit should have their vehicle crushed preferably with them in it.

Gildersome roundabout and tingley roundabout in west yorkshire near leeds and because so many people jump red lights and theres so many accidents, also M62 motorway.

M25 as it is so busy and has so much traffic constantly joining and leaving the motorway.

A9 north of Perth Road changes fro duel carraigeway to single carraigeway regularly.


Dont now.

Coastal road Ainsdale to Southport - numerous deaths and accidents every year.

A3 in London where it passes through Croydon etc.

The M25 because you are very likely to be tailgated by heavy vehicles, mostly foreign.

M25 its full of business travellers in company cars who just don't care and are agressive. White van drivers who suffer low IQ and drive whilst bored -so play the idiot to add excitement to their boring existance and foriegn trucks who change lanes without signalling (Poland -thinks of you here) and try to accelerate past other trucks UP hills causing a moving blockage and are just bloody dangerous. Worst drivers? Business Audi & BMW I hate driving on the M25 -have to sometimes and there's always a dew fools changing lanes and tailgating, with unscheduled emergency braking. Bring back public flogging for these menaces to mankind. thank you for asking.

A13. East London - Southend. Variable conditions. Sometimes, good like a motorway, sometimes poor. Very heavily used, lots of trucks.

Don't Know.

Cat and fiddle Peak District People take chances.

M1 northamptonshire , to much traffic.

Cat Fiddle Macclesfield to Buxton A537 slow moving hgv's or slow moving vehicles taking in the sights and people overtaking thus causing accidents! also big percentage of motor bikes use this road!

Dont know.

Don't know.

I drive 30000 miles a year and no single road stands out.


No idea.

M25 because it is so congested.

No idea!

A14 Too many Trucks use it and speed limit too high for that kind of road as it hasnt gfot enough lane to accomodate the trafffic.

Unknown to me.


M6 It has very heavy traffic at peak times in the midlands up to Manchester.

Atherleigh Way, leigh, Lancs There is a very dangerous busy traffic island with five roads leading off and in the case of two of these, they are very closely angled to each other.

M25 junction with m4, cofusing layout, too many contradictory signs combined with extra lanes. I have witnessed numerous close calls on this section.

A66 from Brough to Scotch Corner Driver taking a short cut.

A15 in lincolnshire. Cars coming of motorway onto this road get stuck behind slow lorries etc and try to overtake.

A1079 Beverley - York, it's now host to 17 speed cameras in part. From Market Weighton to York it has a long by-pass that invites idiots to drive at excessively high speeds, the road is wide in parts although 2 way and the same problem prevails.


A628 (Woodhead) Too many lorries!

Any three lane two way road.

M6 Too busy, too many lorries overtaking too slowly meaning car drivers behind get frustrated and take risks.




A1 Fast but with roundabouts and very many HGV's.


The A14, in Cambs. There seems to be an accident there every day. There are too many lorries driving in a dangerous manner, overtaking and intimidating car drivers.

M1 Junction 1 - 10 because of the roadworks!

No idea.



Highland roads i am from glasgow put go north to vist relatives and the roads up there are dangerous.

Not Known.

A19 York-Selby road, because its a busy commuter raod and should be a dual carriage way. Plus half the idiots on it can't drive nails let alone a bloody car.


M6 from carnforth to stoke on trent. many accidents and not enough lanes for the amount of traffic.

A1 north from newcastle to Edinburgh Heavy increase in traffic, with limited duel carriage, and numerous accidents some serious.

M6. Stop start stop start all the way. Very boring route.

M1, M5 and M6 there are just too many vehicles on them, a lot of people sit in th emiddle lane.

A27 outside Boundstone College, Lancing, West Sussex - many accidents involving pupils from the college.

M25 Too many tired lorry drivers, plus car drivers not use to this dangerous road.

M25 and all other motorways. there dangerous because people do not recieve any instruction on how to drive them correctly and how to use the right lanes and slip roads etc. even pulling off the hard shoulder after a breakdown or blow out ive seen people just pull straight out into the path of a 40 tonne lorry. (ive worked on motorways for 6 years).


I don't know.

Dont know.

A1 Because it allows motorway speeds -70 mph- but has short sliproads from petrol stations, 90' junctions, slow moving traffic etc.

Epping new road there are many accidents.

There are roads all around britain which are difficult to drive like the A465 Heads of the vally road, this is due to the twisting road and roundabout. Dangerous only the driver is the danger.

M25. Congestion. Extremely high traffic density. Impatient motorists after being delayed in Europe's largest car park - tempers.


A537 Macclesfield - Buxton Cat and Fiddle Road More accidents than anywhere else.

M25 J12 to M3.

I don't know.

A1 North Bound, Single Carriage Way - Drivers Overtaking.

A5 North Wales.

M1 by the junction with the M6 - it is an accident black spot.


A9 in Scotland. This is a dangerous road because of its mix of single and dual carriageway. The problems in the Summer are caused particularly by foreign drivers (who get confused between single/ dual carriageways) and caravans causing frustration on a road offering few overtaking opportunities, and those who are either frustrated drivers or speed-merchants. Snow in the Winter can make this road difficult to drive and often the snowgates are closed to stop drivers taking any risks.

M25, London. No one seems to know where they are going and most travel too fast and make last minute changes which usually cause accidents.

M6 - all of it.

Dont know.

Gravsend road strood kent.due to it comes off the A2.and cars going to fast into normal road.

The one you dont know , because you dont know it! or the M6 as there always seems to be an acident , or the M62 in winter as the weather is pretty bad.

Don't know.

Henleys corner.

A9. Too much traffic, regular queues, often leads to risky overtaking.

A303 between Illminster and Honiton. Alternate 3 lanes is very dangerous.

A52 to skegness, its a horrible road, and is used by lorries and agricultural vehicles and cars over take where it is dangerous all the time. very scarey road.


M1 motorway, because of the high level of vehicles using it.

A66 Cumbria. Lots of tourist traffic who dont know the road with varying speed limits and hidden speed cameras.

A259 between Ashford in Kent to Hastings, East Sussex. Too many HGV's using the narrow road (120 an hour through Rye) resulting in regular head-on collisions.

Junction 25 on the M25 accidents every week with a lot of people being killed.

A127 both ways between London - Southend - because of the 'racer's along there!

Betsham Road, Southfleet, Gravesend, by the x-roads with station road. Many drivers turn onto the side road from the main road without indicating, leading those in the side road to think that ALL those on the main road are going to turn. There is a screech of breaks at least 2ce a day and an accident about once a week. My mother was seriously hurt trying to turn into our road. We know this road and drive accordingly, but there have been fatalities here, many of them!

The A38 between Exeter and Plymouth. It's a very fast road, and overcrowded at certain times of the year.


M1 South of Leeds- Too many drivers going too fast with no proper training.

A15 North It is dangerous because out of county drivers do not realise the dangers of the hidden dips in the road.

M25. stupid digital signs that make drivers suddenly slow.

I believe that the most dangerous road in Britain is the A14. I certainly heard that as a statistic a few years ago.

A140 is a single track to Norwich. Traffic is heavy and being used by large lorries and agriculture. Very few places to overtake, and drivers get frustrated.

M1 Junctions 8-9 too much heavy traffic and lorries coming onto M1 from Hemel Hempstead.

A1079, mainly between Market Weighton and York. The road is not dangerous, you seem to get dangerous drivers on it.

M6 near Stoke A53 junction Northbound downhill and fast corner always busy too.

A Road somewhere up in Yorkshire or up North somewhere.

Can`t remember.

A1 and A9 Newcastle to Inverness Mixture of single and dual carriageways, platoons of vehicles behind HGV, impatient drivers trying to overtake.

A17, overtaking in the face of oncoming trafic, no islands or barriers dividing lanes, drivers speed on it.

M8 through Glasgow city centre as it has slip roads from both left and right hand sides!

Don't Know.

Don't know.

Too many to pick just one. They are all dangerous, driving standards in this country are appalling.

Don't know any ONE bad road.

M25 lots of traffic on and off.

M25 All round - volume of traffic.

M1 too many lorries.


Not sure.

No idea.

M1 andM6 junction. Needs a properly imposed lower speed limit.

Whitehaven to barrow A595. Not a good road and always farm vehicles/ Caravans on it.


I have no idea, sorry.

A23 Handcross Hill to Brighton.

Parts of the A48, it is three lane where opposing traffic use the centre lane.

A14. It's constantly in the news.

A9 in the Highland Region too much heavy vehicle traffic, caravans, and tourist sightseeing traffic in a single carriageway makes otehr drivers take risks on overtaking.

Snake Pass, Single lane, lots of curves in the road.

M6, people driving far to fast.

Queslett road birmingham too fast, many deaths in recent years.

No opinion.

East Lancashire road A558, Manchester to Liverpool. Not many crossing places for pedestrians particularly near St Helens.


M40 Motorway between Handy Cross, High Wycombe and Loudwater, Wycombe East. We live close to the motorway and the police and ambulance sirens are an all too familiar sound.

M25. Amount of traffic and some confusion of junctions.

Forest of dean.

Any road in the NorthEast of Scotland between Aberdeen and inverness.

A5 ... Where traffic in both directions use the same overtaking lane.

M62 Leeds to Liverpool = very heavy traffic including many lorries and, quite often, extremely bad weather conditions.

Don't know.

East lancs road in merseyside/greater manchester - very busy / speeds limit is frequently exceeded. it has a lot of small turn off's, also passes through built up areas.

I'm not sure whether it is the most dangerous but a lot of accidents do happen on the A500 which is one of the main roads throughout Stoke on Trent. Endless times you hear of someone dying on that road throughout the week and when I travel on that road daily on my commute to and from work it does make you very careful. There is a limit of 50mph for most of the A500 however lorries and other drivers who think they know best are constantly breaking the speed limit and driving dangerously. As I stated at the beginning of this comment I don't think that this is the most dangerous road in the UK, but I'd hazzard a guess at either the M1, M6 or M25.

I don't know.

A61 Barnsley to Wakefield - Too many maniacs trying to speed.

Don't know.

Fish Hill, Oxfordshire Very steep and winding. Drivers don't go slow enough especially in winter.

A14 Northants -Very heavy traffic, lost of lorries. 2 lanes where there should be a 3 lane motorway.

I consider the way all drivers (including myself) drive now on any road make them dangerous. I think the worst of these are the little b roads that big trucks and lorries use as short cuts.

Potentially anywhere is there are bad drivers around. No particular place that really worries me more than most.


Any country road on which people drive too slow and hold up other traffic causing frustration and risk taking when overtaking.


Any mcdonalds car park, avoiding all the boy racers and there rubbish they leave behind.

M25/m3 m27 southbound confusing junctions not clearly signed.

A55 - Always roadwoeks.

All roads - too much tail gating and not enough traffic police to spot them - ban the camera bring back covert traffic policing.

All motorways in general because many drivers don't use them properly (speeding, sitting in the middle lane, overtaking on the nearside, ignoring safety signs etc).


Not sure - maybe one of the bendy roads in cornwall.

London, Chaos people cutting corners being naughty in driving habits.

A14 Due to its heavy traffic volumes.

Anywhere on the M25.


A666 manchester.

They are all dangerous and should be treated with equal care. I have no idea which is the most dangerous, but I would guess it is any rural minor road and not a motorway or dual a carriageway.

A66 cross pennine road .... narrow parts with fast driving not a goood combination.

A12 - Too small, too busy.

Stocksbridge Bypass Sheffield Too many lives have been lost on this road.

M25 Too many road works. Not enough restriction on lorries.

M62, as it crosses the pennines it is like a racetrack.


All urban areas. Pedestrians who don't look and cyclists who ignore red traffic ights and eeverything else in the highway code.

M25 because the cameras cause people braking hard.

M6 - just because it's so busy.

The M6 too many motorists doing 70mph in the outside lane, causing frustration to those behind, causing them to undertake, thereby causing accidents.


Cat & Fiddle. Macclesfield to Buxton.

A74 - all of it.

Dont know.

No idea.

I cannot answer that one 'cold'.

A23 Burgess Hill and Turn off to Brighton/ Worthing. Majority of the road is very straight and dark at night. There are camera's on it which make people slow down sharply. A lack of cats eyes too.

A4 between reading and newbury.

No idea.

The woodhead pass between manchester and barnsley. i drive on there a few times a month if not more and the amount of people who deliberatley ignore the rules and signels of that road is terrible. only today 5 people overtook a lorry and 2 cars on a hill with a sharpe bend with double white lines in the middle of the road and were nearly involved in headon collisions.

All of them are dangerous!

A14 from M6 to Felixstowe.

A47. part dualled. one of main roads in norfolk other being A11. it should be fully dualled.

M62 volume of heavy lorries.

M1, because of the levels of traffic it takes?

Seaview rd wallasey, long straight road with shops access to a primary school and many t junctions.

M1 Junc 8-9 Northbound I have been hit from behind three times, once in each of the three lanes.

Ncr.3 lanes change to two after lights etc.

What an ridiculous question! I have no idea. There are vast parts of the country I have never driven, as is true of most people I would imagine. I presume you mean - tell us about roads that you feel are dangerous. Asking for the MOST DANGEROUS IN THE WHOLE UK! - sensationalist crap.

A14 cambridgeshire.

Don't know.

M6 because it's always stop-start.

I do not think there are dangerous roads, just dangerous drivers.


M6...Any motorway, to many idiots tailgating & trying to bully other drivers into breaking the speed limit because they do (I'm being restrained here!).

Not sure, would take some considerable time to think about this!

No idea really.

Saw this on TV it's a road from macclesfield to Glossop I think anyway into Derbyshire - very twisty with lots of blind bends.

Don't know but suspect it is a two lane winding road probably hilly with many blind corners and possibly often wet. Its dangerous because people travel too fast for the conditions.

No answer.

A16 Narrow, deep drains either side. No crah barriers.

There are lots of dangerous roads. Bad markings and poor signs can make many roads dangerous.

No idea.

The Grane Road in between haslingden and blackburn. It is a fast road with alot of blind corners and if you don't know it then it is very dangerous. It is used by a a lot of motorbikes going very quickly.

M6 through the Midlands. Has a large volume of traffic which although traffic isn't travelling very fast (around 50mph) is always very close together and a view of what is happening up ahead is restricted by the number of HGV's on the road. This regularly leads to pile ups.


Don't know.

Dont no.


Roads are not dangerous. It's people that are dangerous.

No idea.

Don't know.

It's the drivers that are dangerous.

A23 - from Crawley to Brighton. Very fast road all the way, changes from double carriageway to single and back again, lots of bends. bad camber in places.

A14 Too many lorries.


Define dangerous. I drive into Southall every Saturday to pick someone up. I'm working on a dent per month average (so Uxbridge Road, Westbound just after the A312). I feel most likely to be killed on the M40 northbound after Oxfordshire - Southerners travelling North can't slow down and midlanders entering the motorway don't know how.

No road is dangerous, roads remain static, its the drivers who are dangerous.

A15 northern Lincolnshire. Straight road but very undulating, tempting drivers to speed but with lots of blind spots.

Goldhay way peterborough has a blind bend which people tend to speed around. Also there are several places people cross here even if they cannot see.

A9 perth to inverness.

M1 it must have the highest death rate in the country...

M42 solihull to tamworth.

North Circular cause lots of people just ignore signs lights etc.



No idea.

A64 - Motor bikes overtaking at high speed.

M6 Nantwich section because my first wife was killed there by an incompetent lorry driver who didn't go to jail!


No idea.

M62 Yorkshire to lancashire. manic packed with cars everyday AND juggernauts bumper to bumper, this sort of freight ought ot be on the railways.

A64 Leeds to Scarborough. Too many dual carraigeways that then drop into single lanes again and too many turn-off's into country lanes.

M25 full of foreign lorries with left hand drive.


M25 - every time I travel on it I wonder which pub a lot of the other drivers purchased their license from - with some of the habits they have they can not have had instruction. (if they have had instruction then the examiner and the teachers need to be prosecuted along with the driver.) On a more serious note, everyone seems to be in such a hurry and there is little sign of courtesy on the roads now.

There are several roads that fit this bracket and I wouldn't choose between them but the same causes of accidents apply, too fast and too stupid!

A14 cambridgeshire always full of cars always plenty of accidents mostly slow moving regardless.

Head of the Valleys Road in South Wales. Poor visibility in some areas.

M25 - too much traffic and idiots changing from lane to lane. Too many foreign lorries who just pull out and motorbikes that overtake on insides and outsides sometimes going between 2 cars in lanes.

A38, It is half a motorway! cyclists are allowed on it and L drivers.

M25 - too much traffic, leading to frustrated drivers, leading to irrational driving. Also, high speed driving.

Do not drive.

Roads in Lincolnshire.

M25 too much traffic careless fast drivers.

M25 Speed.

Almondsbury interchange - M4 / M5 junction The two motorways cross each other. People go from the furthest lane to the right of one motorway to the furthest lane on the left of the other one. Sometimes in a panic as they've very nearly 'missed' the junction! I live very close to the junction and avoid it unless I'm going from the M5 onto the M4 London bound. (ie going from Aztec West junction on the M5 to the M32 junction on the M4) You just joint the motorway and stay in the same line - keeping an eye on the other road users making last-second swerves from one motorway to the other.

A64 york road from leeds city centre no road traffic polce and drivers dont care males and femails.

A15 Lincoln to Scunthorpe. Very heavy industrial traffic on a single carriageway road. Drivers stuck behind HGV's doing 40mph get very frustrated.

Don't know.

A537 (Cat & Fiddle) Winding road and motorcycles overtaking.

A537 cat fiddle pass near Macclesfield Large number of motorcycle related accidents.

Not sure.

M77, very bad weather, often foggy, lots of surface water, regular accidents.

A66 Bowes Moor.

Dont know.

M6 in Cheshire Too long, straight and boring so drivers often fall asleep at the whell.

A12, South East, Boreham to Colchester. Well documented, regular accidents. Police attend every 90 minutes.

I do not know.


Don't know.

The M5 - lots of holidaymakers headed for the SW and a lack of care from some motorists.

M4 always in the news with accident reports.


Rural A roads.


M25. To congested and too many lane changes.

Cat and fiddle - buxton to macclesfield - hilly with very sharp bends, often used by bikers as a race track.

M1 - Due to the continuous road works & the sheer volume of vehicles ( both cars & lorries) Excess speeding & reckless driving. Although one could also say that the current speed limits on single track rural roads are totally inappropriate. We have single track lanes which are used by huge lorries & people are legally allowed to travel @ 60mph . It's madness; lethal for pedestrians, horse riders & cars.

The roads are not dangerous it is the selfish idiots that use mobile phones while driving or those who are being wreckless and not paying attention to the road they are driving on or have no care or regard for pedestrians.

M11 much too much traffic.

A9 inverness to Perth, junction to Pitlochry.

A15 Lincolnshire. Drivers try to overtake at speed and it is a single lane road .

Commerical road e1, too many joyriders.

Stupid question. It's nothing to do with and there's no such things as "dangerous" roads. There's just dangerous drivers.

A23. Many deaths on 2 particular blackspots.

Downing Street, London. It houses some very stupid, greedy people who cost this country a fortune, think they are above the law, and think they are entitled to spend our money as if they have a right to it without justification.

A419 Wilts/Glos. The Link between the M4 and M5, Motorists and HGV drive as if it is a motorway.

I treat them all as dangerous.

Snake pass in yorkshire, it is a tight twisty road.

A9 in Scotland. Dangerous bends/lack of vision. Drivers going too fast for the road layout and conditions.

Not sure.

M25 J11-15 Heavy lorries unfamiliar drivers changing lanes to join different motorways.

The Cathorpe Interchange where the M1, M6 meet at Rugby. Its dangerous as people die on that stretch of road nearly every day.

A9 scotland, single carriage way very busy road poor weather conditions.

M25, all of it. Bad lorry drivers, bad coach drivers and car drivers going from lane to lane and no one leaves a gap between cars.

A34, always busy and drivers tend to either weave in and out of the traffic or stay in the outside lane when they could move over, as drivers to in Europe.

Don't know.

M11 There are always accidents or hold-ups caused by heavy traffic.

The A889 at Dalwhinnie in Scotland, the ice covers the road and is never always closed as a result. Trucks are turning in the area and on corners there is not enough time to brake with icy roads.

I've seen too many unrepaired holes in alot of A and B roads in Northants. These are lethal to bikers. Our council loves to spray paint a line around them then do nothing.

There are no dangerous roads in the UK only dangerous drivers.

A140, too many junctions and speed limits keep changing.

Magic roundabout hemel hempstead.

M1 Far too much traffic, heavy lorries making visibility difficult.

M25 London Orbital Wonderful idea - half baked execution.

All roads in the UK can be dangerous if one is driving without due care attention!

No idea.

A14 bad for overtaking.

No idea.

I don't know if you can say there is such a thing as a dangerous road - just manic drivers - but there are roads that have a lot of accidents on ie M1 and M25.

I don't really know, I would summise a motorway but really don't drive far enough to have an opinion.

The A9 in Scotland. It changes from single to dual carriageway too often and confuses drivers - many foreign - into thinking they are on a dual carriageway when thay are not, overtaking and driving head on into someone coming th eopposite way.

A30 Camborne to Hayle. The road is three lanes and drivers who fount the solid line over the broken one cause frequent accidents. Another fatality just last week.

Derr. How would I know that unless I had been on every road in the UK?


The M1. To much traffic, to many roadworks and to many slow drivers in the middle lane.

There is a blind bend on a hill near manningtree in essex - people have been killed there and it is awful.

Old A604 (now renamed, can't recall new name).

Whitehall, London; It's full of nutters.

A92 in glenrothes.

A406 (North Circular) in North London around the Palmers Green/Wood Green area. Road widths and number of lanes change regularly.

A14 too much traffic and excessive speed.

A1 north of newcastle upon tyne.

Dont have a most dangerous road. i think they are all dangerous if you get the wrong driver on them.

A12, or almost any other major road used by both commuter traffic and heavy lorries during rush hours.

Roads aren't dangerous, people are! Driving is a common sense activity and no amount of rules will ever make it any 'safer'. Maybe we shoudl be less obsessed about 'not dying' in order that we can live! I can't think of any particular blackspots that I'm aware of.

A595 Cumbria, Speeding Drivers.

Don't know, sorry.

Cat and Fiddle road in Derbyshire - used by bikers as a race track.

A12- near colchester.. slip roads arent long enought.

A19 in Teeside.

A14 north of Cambridge. Too narrow for the volume of heavy lorries - and too many idiots driving on it.

There are too many to name individually.

M25 London, seems to be in the news regulary with accidents.


A14, lots of accidents, too many lorries, some of them foreign who drive irratically.

Bayswater Rd London - because of traffic joining in the fast lane.

A19 Peterlee -Sunderland.

M25 - I frequently hear about accidents on it.


A259 Marsh Road Too fast and bendy.

A1 yorkshire.

All of them.

There are no dangerous roads - only dangerous drivers.

A130 Chelmsford (Essex Regiment Way). 2 single carriageways with centre hatching - people still take enormous risks to overtake.

Catthorpe interchange. M1 / A 14 which is 3 miles from my home.

Cat and Fiddle from Macclesfield to Buxton. I work in Macc and know of several bikers who have died on that road.

Don't know.

A1 Midlands, long road with few places to overtake causes impatient drivers to take more chances to pass slower vehicles.


A1 Western Bypass. There are so many poor drivers that the inevitable accident always encourages drivers on hte opposite carriageway to rubberneck, causing another accident.

M6 - Seem to hear of a lot of fatal accidents there.

Don't Know.

Country A Roads. National speed limit, often miles from towns, hard for emergency services to get to quickly, not designed for higher speeds.

Any local High Street.

A616, design.

Dont know.

A9 Perth to Inverness.

I can't answer that as I have not driven on every road in the UK.

A37 or A38, saw the amount of accidents on a tv program.

M25 a3-m3 it is full of mindless lorry drivers and company car drivers.

Basically all motorways are treated like racetracks, with drivers dangerously cutting in and out of lanes. There are very few considerate drivers left on the road - I think I'm one of the rare breed that still uses indicators!

A31 because of all the speed cameras distracting people from the task of driving.

A249 very fast, never any police and poor lighting.

I have no idea.

Any country lane, your allowed to do sixty mph.


M62 between Leeds and Manchester. Weather conditions high in the pennines make this road treacherous at times.

A27 on South coast - it goes right along the south coast and transfers from single lane to dual carriageway to motorway at various intervals - traffice gets frustrated along single lanes.

A15 Lincoln Road warning signs say so and noted damage where accidents have taken place.


No idea - only drive locally.

M6 between j19 and j7 too congested.


I haven't travelled all over UK so cannot answer your question.

Cat & Fiddle Derbyshire. Born again Bikers who believe the road is theirs.

A 96 aberdeenshire.


Brandis Corner between Highampton and Holsworthy Devon It is a blind junction and motorbikes use the main road as a race track. We have asked for a speed limit but as yet no one has been killed at the junction therefore the national limit remains 60 miles an hour.

A12 Eastern Avenue, Romford It is made more dangerous by the 40 or 50 limit meaning you are often in the outside lane for a right turn some way ahead, holding up all the other traffic which wants to exceed the limit, and starts undertaking you.

A889 - A86-A9 (near Dalwhinnie) Based on number of fatal and serious vehicle accidents per billion vehicle kilometres travelled 1997-99, source AA Foundation for Road Safety Research.


Buxton to Macclesfield. A hilly route, with many tight bends. Adverse weather in winter.

A1073 Crowland bypass Nr Peterborough Fast road with multiple junctions.

M4 eastbound approaching the M25 junction because of queuing traffic.

A66 Penrith to Scotch Corner, in severe weather people dont tend to adjust their driving accordingly.

M25 too busy.

A9 so many accidents on this road.

No Idea.

M 6. its like le mans.

A9 perth to inverness. It keeps swiching from duel to single lanes. It should be duel carrage way all the way.

A30, in Cornwall, as people drive way too fast. I do 70 on that stretch, and always getting drivers overtaking me.

M25, too many idiots from London on it!

M25 Irratic driving, tired drivers, many at different speed, many trucks, juggernauts and lorries. Constant roadworks and lane closures. Tired coach drivers. Monotonous driving...causing hypnotic tiredness etc.

M6 Cheshire North and South.

Cat & Fiddle, Derbyshire. Popular with motorbikers.

A607, Thurmaston-Melton Mowbray.

A77 Ayr to one point it had the highest number of collisions in Europe. Not much has been done to try and reduce that since then.

A303? maybe A36 either way the Wylye valley Wiltshire. Appalling track record of accidents and a high proportion of which end in fatalities.

A 74, it leads to Scotland!

A6 stockport.

M6 North of Birmingham due to the large number of lorries & coaches.

M1 Jnc 24 -> 31. There are always accidents on this stretch of mway, it is due to slow lorries over taking on the hills and bad drivers.

M6 worst area for traffic control.

Not sure many are country roads with double white lines.


Don`t know.

A9 in scotland.

A30 at Yateley, because some Jobsworth at Hampshire County Council decided that it needed safety works. Same with Reading Road Yateley.

All roads leading to and from motorways, , especially round brighouse, huddersfield, , people coming off into huddersfield a624) use it as a speed road, , they speed up towards huddersfield, in two lanes , , many accidents, , only to get stuck at a bottle neck bridge over a railway at deighton, , and our dickhead council are planning to widen the roads up to the bridge, but not the bridge, , to give them more lanes for speeding, when a multiple pile up happens , it will be too late, .

The A889 near Dalwhinnie in the Scottish Highlands the safety performance of the route is worked out in relation to the amount of traffic it carries, not just the number of accidents that happened on any given stretch of the road. In other words the road design needs to be looked at rather than fill it with those damn speed cameras because speed is not necessary a factor.

Queensway Bletchly, its a public road with houses on both sides, and drivers come down it at very very high speed all of the time, someone has already been hurt on it and now its just a matter of time before someone is killed.

A9 Perth to Inverness, needs to be dual carriageway as people take chances to overtake lorries and caravans.

A17 Lincolnshire, everytime you pass it the toll goes up on deaths.


A14 east of the A1 in Cambridgewshire.

I think every road has the potential to be classed as the most dangerous road in the UK if you have inexperienced or dangerous drivers using them. Bring in stiffer penalties and fines for those that are proven to have little or no regard for other road users, that would go some way to lowering the daily risks of decent road users. Anyone convicted of traffic offence in a high powered vehicle should only be allowed back on the roads in a much less powerful vehicle and after taking part in regular driver assessments at their expense. Speed on its own is a disease, speed combined with bad driving habits is certain death for somebody usually the innocents.

No opinion.

Every road is dangerous its the drivers that make them killers.

Not Sure.

A453 M1 Junction 24 to Nottingham This is a main road into Nottingham and it is still a single carriageway this road serves Nottinghasm East Midlands Airport and it is ludricious.

I don't know which individual road but wherever there are unnecessary speed cameras you're constantly watching the speedo to ensure you're within the limit instead of paying attention to where you're going, other traffic and pedestrians. I'm not advocating reckless driving but to keep alert and when it's safe to do so I invariably cruise above the speed limit.

A19 full length.

M25, there seems there is a serious accident every day.

Any motorway in the uk with lost foreign truck drivers on it especially m6.

B2177 at the Boarhunt crossroads, Hampshire. Lots of deaths. No cameras as they wouldn't be "profitable".

Not Sure.

A66 between Scotch Corner and Penrith, keeps changing between dual and single carriageway, causing drivers to speed on dual carriageway and take risks on single carriageway. Same with A1 between Newcastle and Edinburgh.

The South Circular in London A205.

A27/A3M interchange. It has several lanes, across which vehicles try to filter at high speed, instead of filtering well before the interchange. Hardly a week goes by without a serious multi-vehicle pile-up! To add to the confusion, the A27 portion is not motorway and occasional foohardy cyclists change their lives in this mayhem!...... with predictable results....

Any motorway - due to speed, amount of traffic, etc.

M6; M1; M25 and M40/42. These roads are major Roads. Lots of LORRIES use them for goods delivery and are used by company directors and business beople with POSH/ Power ful expensive cars. The truck drivers are always in hurry to deliver goods on time and are mostly over tired due to long distance. The Rich and famous with expensive cars are the ones I have seen driving over 100 mile an hour weaving through and overtaking other vehicles to show off their machines.


Don't know.

Big question! Maybe the "Cat and Fiddle" stretch of the A537 Macclesfield to Buxton or A682 from Junction 13 of M65 to Long Preston. Many reasons, mainly poor maintenance, poor signage and deliberately contrived sight lines and dangerous cambers.

A1 Anywhere on it.

A11 elvedon crossroads, cars jump the lights across a busy road.

Some obscure road - saw it on the news but can't remember why it's dangerous.

A15 between Scunthorpe and Lincoln, full of blind bends and hidden dips.


A303, heavy traffic, difficult to overtake, often people on holiday not used to driving long distances mixed with heavy goods vehicle and regular travellers.

A1 at Alnwick, Northumberland - single carriageway and far too congested as well as being used by tractors and lorries.

No idea.

M6 Cheshire.

A9 Long streches of single carriageway on a major Arterial route.

M25 Too much traffic all travelling at the same speed and too close together.


No idea.

The A49 from Shrewsbury to Leominster. Fast driving, not enough passing places leading to impatience and accidents.


I have no thoughts on this.


M4. People drive way too fast and too many cars on that stretches going towards Heathrow.



A92 - Too much speeding.

M4 or A1 both are so congested and people drive to close in the wrong conditions.

M25, too many cars, not enough space.

M25 = too busy.


The Avon Gorge linking West Lothian to Falkirk. It is as the name suggests a road that goes down and up through a gorge as as such is unsuitable for large vehicles but is the only way to get between these places unless you take a long detour.

A5 in North Wales. Lack of passing places leads to dangerous chances being taken often with tragic results.

A14 Huntingdon..Overcrowded.


No idea.

Don't know.

A889 dalwhinnie - on radio 4.

Roads are not dangerous-some drivers are.

M6 They are always having crashes on there.

Road to Skegness from Leicester.

Any road where drivers do not keep up to a reasonable speed and cause bunching of traffic.

The A road between Lincoln and the Humber Bridge - it's either the A15 or A17.

A13 very heavy traffic not suitable for the amount of traffic it takes.

M11, Too many lorries.

A303 Andover drivers go too fast.

The A3/A30/A303 between the M3 and Exeter. This is a road which changes width and direction (bends) rapidly. It is boring but people travel on it very quickly and they an lose concentration. There have been a few fatal accidents on this road.

Dont know.

A3... chaos.

No idea.

The A#) from Honiton to Basingstoke, i have not been on that road for about 8 years but it was a real rollercoaster then.

I couldn't possibly say.

Roads are not dangerous - only drivers are! However, the A465 'Heads of the Valleys' road is notorious for being the scene of many accidents - too many fatal. Having seen so many near misses, I am confident that driving standards improving would make the roads safer - not targetting certain spots with cash generators - sorry camera units!

Buxton to macclesfield. Due to corners and speed.

A64 York to Scarbourgh. Not a modern road for the amount of traffic.


A259.Too much heavy traffic roads are terrible considering that it is the maim road to Dover and France and heavy traffic is always using it.

M25, too many Londoners!

A1 Northumberland to Scotland. Not well marked traffic too heavy for it not to be motorway/dual carraigeway.

M62 because it looks like a short east to west route, and when drivers find that it is taking longer than planned, they speed up!

Roads are not dangerous only drivers and faulty cars.

M25 - too much conjestion of traffic or too much speeding.

Cat & Fiddle pass. Open, but bendy. Motorcyclist use is as a race track.

A1 North Northumberland.

A75 - South Scotland - Gretna to Dumfries -upgraded years ago bypassing towns but NOT dual carriageway. Many still speed and insist in overtaking dangerously.

M 6 Stoke Manchester stretch. Too many lorries use this road and keep the traffic queuing, the speeds of vehicles vary too greatly from too slow to too fast.


I can't say really, because I have not yet driven every road in the UK.

A889 near Dalwhinnie - study reported in the news recently.

Don't know.

M25 between M3 and A2 junctions. It is dangerous due to high speeds, continential lorry drivers and volume of traffic.

Dont know.

I do not know.


A96 between Inverness and Aberdeen. A major "trunkroad" that is inadequate with just one lanein each direction andin desperate need of dualing.


M25 too full and drivers always break speed limits to make up for the constant hold ups.

A1 between Newcastle Upon Tyne and Edinburgh. Single carriage way in places that require duel carriage way.

Downing Street - it's where our inept PM lives.

The M4. Too much traffic travelling too fast and too close together.

M62 trans Pennine Motorway Rochdale to Leeds. Because of the weather conditions and sheer volume of traffic.


A417 NETTLETON-Look at the statistics.

I rarely use motorways. I do not know.

No idea. The answer is to raise road tax to £1, 000+ to reduce congestion & accidents and free the police to tackle real crime.


M6 birmingham too busy.


A2M between the flyover/underpass on the Mile End Road through to roundabout on the A12. It's dangerous because, for no apparent reason, since this is virtually motorway without pedestrian access, side roads, roundabouts or junctions (only slip roads on/off) there are numerous speed cameras and variable speed limit signs mainly at 40 and 50 mph which change at regular intervals without apparent reason.

You haven't mention GPS navigators. They are as dangerou if not more so than mobile phones or drinking.

M25 london every piece of testosterone in a flash car thinks he is lewis hamilton.. either speed or the closeness they get to you.. or intimidate you by getting so close either flash or beep horn.... money and car does not account for class or respect to other road users... men 17-38 think its and extention of.!.... those over slow down a bit.. 50 and over "starting to understand" about where women are at 20!

M25, Junction 27 at the M11 headin north. Tight turn that people take too fast, especially lorries, causing lots of accidents - lorries overturning is an all too common occurrence.

Never having driven on every road in the UK I couldn't possibly answer this question.


M4 - not enough service stations.


Do not know.

Don't know.

M6 or M1.

Don't know any road numbers as I don't drive.

M25 - the section with the cameras as everyone speeds up and then slows down for cameras, and the heavy congestion makes people angry and impatient so they speed to try and get to their destination.

Swindon roundabout. Just way too confusing!

M6 juctions 18 and 19.

A120 it needs to be turned into dual carriageway.



Any road can be dangerous to those with no experience on that kind of road or in bad conditions, speed must be appropriate to road and conditions and should not be a blind blanket limit.

M4 Newport mad house at rush hour.

M1 - lots of lorries.

A361 tiverton barnstaple single carriage way lots of places cannot pass causing frustration and accidents.

A5 Ballygawley to Omagh (NI).

Cat and Fiddle in Cheshire. Having driven it and been buzzed by motorcycles it is obvious to see why.

A40 from St Clears roundabout westwards. It is only one carriageway in each direction and many drivers drivers give way to extreme frustration at not being able to overtake and very slow moving farm tractor or "Sunday" drivers for mile after mile.

A77 Bad drivers!

Not sure.

M4 to the West Country. When I use it it just seems as if traffic is very fast.

A31/M27 Stoney Cross. Going west the road goes from 3 lane motorway to a 2 lane dual carriageway with a narrow right hand bend.

M6 lorries driving too fast.

A361 north devon stupid drivers taking risks on double white lines.

M25 - too many tired drivers, speeding drivers and drivers taking risks - e.g. using phone, drinking/ eating whilst driving - all on one circular road.

M 25 volume of traffic.

M62 Idiotic driving seen every day by people who don't change their driving to to adverse weather conditions & also drive suicidally fast to save a few minutes at best.

Small village roads as people speed through them and people can appear from ant where.

Do not know.

A46 Nottinghamshire - single carriageway and unsuitable for the volume of traffic currnetly using it.

The cat & fiddle road between Macclesfield and Buxton.

M25, London. Large number of uninsured immigrant drivers that are apparently above the law.


M62. Its geographical position with its associated bad weather (particularly low cloud/mist affecting vision) and volume of traffic for most of the day.

M25 All of it To many cars at high speed and not enough lanes also to many lorries.

A80, Aberdeen to Dundee. There are far to many speed cameras on it and people slam on there brakes everytime they see one.

A47 in leicestershire to Rutland. Long winding country road in sections as there have been many head on collisions within recent years.

None the drivers make the road dangerous 100 mph cars 10 mph brains.

The cat and fiddle, derbyshire.

All motorways , you constantly get stupid drivers that sit in the middle lane even when there are no other cars on the should be outlawed as it is bad a driving practice. the speed limit should be higher on motorway as abroad , it was only introduce due to the suez crisis to save fuel but like all british govenments when they introduce a knee jerk law over night it take hundreds of year to remove it as they find a way to make money out of them.


A30 between Camborne and Hayle, it is a 3 lane road but changes overtaking priorities 1/2 way along its length.

A96 - Should be Dual Carriageway.

A537 Macclesfield to Buxton also known as the "Cat and Fiddle".


M1 in Bedfordshire, some people speeding while on their mobile phone and often causes accidents.

A66 - dangerous trans-Pennine crossing; narrow and with unpredictable weather condidions. Drivers shaould take into account topographical and climatical conditions.

A537 Macclesfield to Buxton. Too many distractions.


Most of the motorways as the standard of driving combined with the speeds contribute to very bad accidents.


A1 between Stamford and M62, where there are exits and right-turns for local traffic/tractors yet the speed limit is mostly 70 mph.

M25 Dartford Tunnel Free for all on the Kent side.

A465 heads of valley, many stages of three lanes, stupidly traffic each way tries to use the middle lane to overtake.

M25 - weight of traffic.

No Idea.



Any road in the rush hours.

M1 motorway.

Dont know.

Don't Know.


Don't know.

M25 junction 6 -12 - too much spray on road when wet.

A386 too narrow & too many blind bends.

M25 volume of traffic heavy goods traffice speed limit changes.

Most motorways.

I never drink alcahol I do not know.

A537 bad design.

A449 Stafford to Worcester A lot of people killed and badly injured every year.

No idea - I don't drive. That didn't stop you asking me driving questions, though! Doh!

A281 Horsham to Guildford - approx 20 miles long it is a very dangerous single track road with no safe places to overtake, which builds up frustration in drivers following commercial or farm vehicles. It is twisty and in places very up and down, prone to flooding in parts.

A32 West Meon due to lunatic motorcyclists.

Crawley Road, Horsham too much street furniture.

A9 perth to inverness. dual carriage way then single lane then dual carriageway needs up grading to motorway status.

A19, very busy with no hard shoulder. Exposed to bad weather in certain parts.

The A9 Perth to Inverness. anywhere north of Perth It is a mainly single carriage with interspersed areas of dual carriage it is a dangerous road even for locals let alone the hundreds of foreign and English tourists although it has a 60 mph limit there are always the idiots who speed and nip in causing mayhem.

They are all dangerous because they are so crowded and TO MANY speed cameras only make them more dangerous as they only lead to frustration!


Dont' know.

B1256 because it is a 40 mph limit but also stright so people travel far above that speed, ignoring the fact that people and animals cross it.


Don't know.

A3506 too fast for a urban road.


Any motorway which allows driving on the hard shoulder because it is loonacy. This can not be safe no matter what the government says!

A14....Harwich to M1 near junction of M6...Too many heavy vehicles on a dual carriageway, at speeds often well below the speed limit, taking too long to overtake. Heavy volume of traffic of all types.

St.James Roundabout, Birkenhead because of the crazy system. It means there are often cuesup the main road, Hoylake Road. Todays drivers tend to get more angry when in cues.

All of them! The majority of drivers in this country should not be allowed behind the wheel. A combination of poor driving skill (and I don't mean car control, any monkey can be taught to control a car), inattention, aggression, hesitation, poor hazard perception, inappropriate speed (can be too slow as well as too fast), I could go on and on. Driver training needs to be overhauled and not just for new drivers. A system where you prove to an advanced level that you are safe to drive in all situations (city roads, country roads, night-time or daytime, motorways) or have a limited licence for the areas and situations you have proved you can drive in, should be introduced. This would reduce the number of vehicles on the road, create a market to improve public transport and allow a revision of speed limits (upwards on motorways and downwards in residential areas). The introduction of speed control technology using GPS or one of the new wireless technologies would also release police resources to concentrate on real crime.

Coming of the a34 onto the 4130 going into didcot, it is build wrong and drivers that never have been there always get it wrong and therefore endanger other people.

A38 in several locations.

All roads are potential death traps.

A52 in Lincolnshire, it's the only part of the road that's single carriageway and not many overtaking spots.


A66 - main route into west cumbria and it is often blocked with tractors / slow moving vehicles. The road is bendy and so drivers often cant see round corners in order to overtake and so take silly chances. The road should be dual carriage way right along from M6 to Workington.

A1 - anywhere it's dual lane - Lorries.

A17(Lincolnshire) High number of tractors and lorries, with high risk of facing overtaking traffic on your side of road.

Cat and Fiddle - it was on tv!

Not sure.

A43 Northampton to Kettering. Single Track main road, with continual narrow lanes, fast curves and poorly laid out lay-by exits.

No idea.

A34 oxford road.Too busy & it should be 3 lanes not 2.Too much heavy goods use road regular.

A47 - this is one of only 2 major routes into Norfolk and the only route in from the North and West and yet is only single carriage way for large sections with low grade cross roads the only way of entering and exiting in many places. There are far too many fatal and serious accidents which could easily be avoided by upgrading to the standard we would expect in almost any other county in Britain. This should really be motorway standard let alone dual carriageway.

A1 between Haddington and Berwick - the road should at least be a duel carrigeway or better still a motorway considering the amount of traffic it carries.

A682 it is windy and people want to overtake.

Country roads are the worst - poeple drive them like they are the only ones on them.

M25 (don't know all the roads in the UK) Reason: Always hearing reports of accidents.

A15 approach to Lincoln Drivers always go to fast.

1079-To many junctions coming on to the road.

M1 whith the road wideing.

Don't know.

M25 Heathrow.

North bank road between Peterborough and whittlesey. Skinny road, no centre line, right next to a river and it's 60MPH limit. Because there's no centre line drivers go too far over to the wrong side of the road.

No idea.

The road adjacent to Newquay airport near the Travellers Rest public house. There are 2 particular places where it is impossible to see traffic from the right when pulling out as the pub blocks the view and you have 2 seconds and thats it. Mind you, the state of the roads in Restomel Borough Council are atrocious as is everything to do with RBC.

A158 between Lincoln and Skegness - twisty road with poor overtaking spots where people drive too fast after a long journey.

M6. Too packed and too many stupid drivers who don't realise that one wrong move will have devastating results.

Minor roads in Warrington with badly designed traffic calming features which force drivers from both sides nto the centre og the road.

Streatham High Road by St Leonards church.

Downing street, because the people who live there are twats.

Harrogate to Ripon Road, North Yorkshire Many deaths and accidents.

Dont know, I live in Channel Islands.

Dont know.

Snake Pass - tortuous route, lorries hogging the middle of the road and frequently shut in bad weather.

M6 Congestion.

A9 Perth area too straight.

Don't really know- but the main motorways, m1 m25 always seem to have accidents on them. Obviously some country lanes can be bad for accidents especially when they have bad bends or adverse camber etc.

M1 Northamptonshire -between J14 & J17 ...always accidents on this stretch due to people driving too closely and generally being useless drivers.

A particular junction on the Manchester ring road at Stockport where the traffic emerges from the slip road directly into the 3rd lane of the motorway. Totally crazy and dangerous.

No idea.

The M1. Always very busy at the southern end, people hogging the middle and fast lanes, driving too fast in bad weather/visibility conditions.

Not sure which is the most dangerous. Motorway crashes get the coverage cos of the drama, but lots of people die on B roads (like a friend of mine) and it's not widely reported.

Cat and Fiddle. Windy, fast road with a lot of motorcyclists.

Not sure.

All Country Roads.

No idea.

No knowledge which.

Not sure.

Don't know.

M1 - Too straight, less consentration = more crashes.

The M6, Birmingham to Manchester/Manchester to Birmingham. The sheer volume of traffic and in particular the number of lorries.

Have no idea.

M6 too much speeding and cars, lorrys weaving in and out of traffic.

A82. Too narrow. Single passing places. Hard rock edges. Very busy rd to the north.

M6/M1/A14 junction. Traffic going onto A14 always try and squeeze into the inside lane at the last possible moment.

A49 coming into Wigan southbound. It was OK until they narrowed the road by making a bus lane so now 1/3 of the road remains relatively unused causing more congestion and causing idiots to dart up the bus lane.


Don't know.

None of the roads are dangerous its the idiots that drive on them that are dangerous.

M1, because its so frustrating to use it.

Motorways because of middle lane drivers and people well under speed limit.


M6 spaghetti junction due to poor road design.

M62 - Lanes are narrow, many lorries, and lots of drivers who seem oblivious to cutting up those behind them.

A259 to east of Hastings is statistically most dangerous in South East but there is a rod in north which is more dangerous. Both rounds are busy, relatively narrow and have many bends.

Hard Knott Pass . Cumbria.

M25. It is far too crowded. I always travel on this road on the inside lane and am constantly on the look-out for a bolt hole.


The East Lancashire Road connecting Manchester and Liverpool. Especially on Matchdays of either Teams, the road is a racing track without equal!

A19 road layout is awful nr teeside.

M40 handy cross.

A55. Chester - Bangor. Slip roads are too short. Stopping lay-by's too short. Too many distracting signs. Too many pointless roadworks. Central reservation should not be grass as grass cutting causes more cones and delays.

They are all dangerous if they are not driven on correctly.

There are no roads to be classed as dangerous. The danger only occurs when a driver fails to take due regard of the conditions.

M6 - always on the news for accidents.

Any road at rush hour.

No idea.

A1 from above Manchester. Two lane, many HGV's, not straight road. Difficult to overtake when wet due to spray from HGVs masks bends in road.

No opinion.

There are no dangerous roads - only bad drivers.

No idea.

A66 Bowes Moor road. Scotch Corner to Carlisle. Single lane much of the way, bendy and hilly, many side roads, poor visibility due to bends and hills, major connection between East and West therefore VERY heavy traffic all year (especially holiday seasons), main HGV route. HGV's are slow, and cars and light vehicles struggle to pass. When the road is clear it is a very fast road and fun to drive; unfortunately it is too dangerous for the skills and experiences of many drivers who don't recognise the dangers and aren't able to use the road safely and effectively.

M62 nr Worsley, very narrow lanes and traffic merging and leaving in very short space, so all crossing lanes.

A64 from leeds centre out to seacroft...numerous accidents, caused by pedestrians making a run for it across the dual carriageway. Speed cameras slow the traffic, but they don't stop the idiots running across it.


A82 it is very narrow, VERY bendy and in an absoltely terrible condition. And it is one of the main roads in Scotland.

A66 transpenine, scotch corner to penrith, Because of silly speed limits (40mph) imposed on LGVs, cars do insane thing to get past causing many accidents, Fog, Snow and high winds!

No roads are dangerous. It is driver stupidity that causes accidents.

A442, th eastern primary as its known the council have made loads of changes to it and made it worse they put signs up telling people how many accident there are on it and since theyve changed they have got worse so the signs say.

A1 single carriageway between Alnwick and Edinburgh.

Don't know - but would assume it is a City Road and not a motorway.

All roads are dangerous , its how you drive that matters.

No idea.

M6 in Staffordshire area - nearly every day seems to have some problem or other, there have been several accidents then the road is closed and the entire network of roads through Stafford and itsoutskirts are blocked as all the motorway traffic is diverted through on the A34.

I have no idea, as I told you early in the survey that I dont drive!

Not sure, but I think all the main motorways are very dangerous, because people are more likely to be killed at high speeds. I would like to see 70 mph limit ENFORCED!

There are no dangerous roads, just dangerous drivers.

M25 no wide enough for the volume of traffic and too many bends and slip roads.

A9 Perth - Inverness. Trunk road - lack of investment - changes constantly from single to dual carriageway and back - no rest places/ services - no account when planned in 1970s of summer tourist traffic - subject to appalling weather conditions, esp in winter (over 1300 ft at summit).

Dont know.

M25 Too many vehicles Instead of catering for the present or future numbers we should reduce vehicle numbers and not expand roads. Expansion only leads to more vehicles and moe expansion.

Dont know.

A316 into london from sunbury.It's stop and go and cars are always changing lanes or running red lights to gain a few extra yards.

The m6 near birmingham because of the sheer volume of traffic.

I think the most dangerous road in the UK is in Lincolnshire, but the most dangerous road I use regularly is the A36 between Southampton and Salisbury. It has a lot of slow-moving traffic, such as tractors, and is also a commuter route. Although it is wide enough for three cars there are no passing places, just turn-right lanes, and people often overtake recklessly.

A 35 Poole - Bere Regis Dorset A13 Essex.

Rudgemore Roundabout Portsmouth just off M275. should have traffic lights on it as all exits are blind.

All roads have the potential to be dangerous, those dangers have been exacerbated since highways are no longer patrolled by police traffic officers. Highways authorities now rely on cameras that can only register the speed of a vehicle, not if it is being driven in a dangerous manner. A good driver who is doing a few miles over the limit, but not causing a danger to other road users, will be penalised; a driver driving under the speed limit, but driving dangerously or recklessly, will get away with it because the camera can only measure speed.

A12 Kelvedon, Essex accidents most days as slip roads joining are too small.

Do not know.


Too complicated without going on autoroute to find it. But one in Lancashie and the cat & fiddle road near Macclesfield.

M6, main motorway through the uk.

A595 west cumbria. all single road and bends.

The A14 between Huntingdon and the M11. Main artery to east coast ports and heavily congested by heavy goods vehicles. Listen to Radio Cambridgeshire traffic every day - you will find it very slow or very frequently stationary due to accidents! Long overdue for upgrade!

It's not the road that is dangerous - it's the poor standard of driving.

Dont know.

A9 Scotland.

The M6 Motorway, anywhere up from Junction 15. There always seems to be fatal accidents and traffic jams from between junction 15 to 20.

Roads are not dangerous - drivers are.

A9 - has long straights and is only a single carriageway.


A41 Apex Corner in the rush hours. Just shear volume of traffic.

A14 stretching the whole way from Kettering to Huntingdon. The lorries are a nightmare; pulling out unexpectedly to overtake other lorries who are pulling out to overtake other lorries. The sheer volume of traffic is obscene. There are only 2 lanes and very short entrance ramps making it nearly impossible and very dangerous to join onto. It is a treacherous road, the A14, with hundreds of accidents a year. When there is an accident, it stops the whole road dead for hours at a time. I am terrified of it, but need to use it often. When the lorries arent jockeying for pole position, the other drivers are driving 80-110mph and that too is obviously treacherous.

M42 - Gantry signs.

I don't know every road in the UK.

M1/m69/a14 junction notorious for accidents needs improvement/stricter control.

The one with the most idiots driving on it ANY ROAD.

A 14 entire. The entire length is deceptive as concerning safety and condition and moves at the speeds of larger roads and motorways such as the M25 etc. At least on these roads there is enough (sometimes) room to maneuver. The A14 is fast, tight, badly surfaced and maintained, it is a recipe for disaster from one end to the other.

A1(M) supposed to be a motorway, but just an extremely busy A class road -too narrow.


A52 - Lincolnshire end.


All Motorways. Drivers go too fast and tailgate, lorries cause tailbacks because they overtake when only doing one or two mph faster than the vehicle they are overtaking.



Do not know.

A34 - far to many lorrys driving to fast and badly.

A6 between Bedford and Kettering. Lots of junctions on blind corners and no filters to allow right turns safely. Driveways accessed from fast stretches of road on blind corners.

A66 has been documented.

Motorway Birmingham to London too congested.

A14 Cambridgeshire. Awful road signage, busy road and speedy drivers.

I have no evidence to say anything about this.

All uncontrolled Junctions on A Roads.

The A417 at Nettleton Bottom, it is a single lane road at the end of a very fast dual carriageway. It also is in a very deep dip in the road.

Don't know.

A12 Essex.

I don't really know, as I live in Cornwall and I think it is relatively safer here than the rest of the UK. The A30 is very busy during the summer months as the main route into Cornwall, but I have never witnessed an accident myself.

A6 through Stockport - road layout is confusing and complex and people don't concentrate.

M25 - white van drivers drive like idiots.

Drymen Road, Glasgow.

M25 between M4 and M3. High number of lorries such that inside lane is mostly lorries and so the next or middle lane is for lorries overtaking lorries that funnels car traffic to the right into perhaps the only fast lane, often with cars travelling too fast for volume of traffic. There is a need for the separation of all lorries from cars in high density motorway areas and times. This stretch has disproportionate number of foreign lorries whose drivers cannot be as familiar with erratic UK traffic practices as a UK resident.

A470 Gwynedd.

M3 / M27 interchange.

A537 / "Cat and Fiddle" road. Lot's of bends and idiots who cannot handle their car/bike properly, driving at too high a speed.

M6 north of Warrington as far as Preston. In heavy rain it is dreadful.

M25 always very busy.


The WestWay because I know people have been injured or died on the Westway.

A1 it is not motorway all the way from edinburgh to london.

A303 People keep slowing down to look at stonehenge.....

A12/M25 too much traffic, bad road design.

M6 - always hearing of accidents at rush hour.

M25, traffic stops/starts constantly, especially around speed camera locations.

M25 because there are so many lorries, and motorists who dont drive regularly using it, ie holiday makers, .

A92 Dundee Road, needs to be dualled for a significant part of its route especially through Glenrothes Fife.

M6 Hilton Services - sheer volume of traffic, sometimes stationary with Service Area just before merger with M54. Bad combination.

A14 north of Cambridge: too narrow, insufficient speed enforcement, poor provision for lorry parking.

Dont know.

Dont know.

M40 m25 variable speed limits 50-60-50 cause traffic bunching and tailgating.

I cannot name a paticular place but lack of vision due to hedge on a lane approaching fast main road is one I know of.

Dont know.


A90 Aberdeen to Dundee section. Dual carriageway with crossing traffic.

Macllesfield to Buxton - don't know the road number.

A1 In Northumberland is mostly single carriageway with speeds as low as 30mph caused by slow moving tractors and hgv traffic .Drivers speed past long queues of traffic and hope that someone will allow them in further up the road.

There are many up and down the country as you know ..

A9 to Inverness. Dangerous junctions.

I don't think any one road is more dangerous than any other.

All of them thats why I fly a plane.

A537 Cat and Fiddle. Sheep, cars, tight bends.

A5 West Mids Very fast and on non dual carriageway sections very dangerous.

All roads can be dangerous.

Any A road which should have been dualled years ago but has not due to tree hugging twats!

No idea.

In my area I think it is the grane road in haslingden , where many accidents have occured and this is down to sheer stupidity of drivers not knowing the road and not always down to speed. But the authorities will say otherwise because the in thing is speed at the moment.


Don't know.


A465 Heads of the Valleys road in South Wales, where it consists of 3 lanes without double white lines. Overtaking is suicidal.


A9 Perth to Inverness, High traffic volume, many immediate turn-offs. tourists slowing for views, farm vehicles and used by many idiots....

I cannot comment nationally.


No view.

A14, Cambridge to Huntingdon, too many overseas drivers in artics.

M25 all of it, too many lorries, careless drivers, speed limits ignored, always accidents, big gaps between services, very overpopulated, many many near misses. I avoid it like the plague.

There are no dangerous roads in the UK just dangerous drivers.

Stocksbridge bypass sheffield because drivers drive too fast on it and get caught out.

Blackburn road rishton lancs, its a straight rd and they use it as a race track.

Don't know.

A68, single carraigeway for a major route.

Don't know.

No Idea.


A69. Always seems to be fatal accidents.

Piccadilly Circus junction.

All the motorways, as there are too many idiots chancing their lives as well as other peoples. (I could go on, but I won't.).

Stafford to Kendal on the M6.

M1 I use the road regularly to commute to/from work and see an accident or damaged vehicle on the hard shoulder virtually every day, often involving multiple vehicles.

M1 volume of traffic.

M25 between Godstone and the A2 - high volume of traffic, only 3 lanes and no lights other than at junctions.

A66 over Brough moor There are serious accidents on that road nearly every week.


All motorways.

A590 - it goes from dual carriageway to single carriageway and runs through farms etc.

Cross Street in Manchester due to narrowing of road & paving it in such a way as to encourage pedestrians to behave suicidically.

No Idea!

A1 People driving too fast on a dual carriageway for the volume of traffic.

Roads are not dangerous, drivers are.

A38 Midlands.

M25, it is always very busy and driver's get agitated when in traffic jams therefore, when they come out of the jams, they usually would want to make time up by driving faster.

A90 - busy arterial road, much of it with not dual carriageway.

A303 - Ilchester /Ilminster area. not wide enough for dual carriageway but very wide 2/3 lane road with no central reservation.

A14 in Cambridgeshire Too many heavy lorries allowed to overtake causing mobile road blocks, which lead to serious accidents every day and long delays.

A66. Most of the worst driving I have witnessed and worst Road accidents have been on this road.

Downing St. London. From this location more people are sent to their deaths, taxed and criminalised than any where else in the country.

The roads are not dangerous - it is the bad drivers who are dangerous.


There are no dangerous roads, just dangerous drivers.

Northampton a428 to bedford no overtaking points on route.

Oxford to Reading.

Single lane rural roads used as rat runs & sat nav diversions.

I am not sure which road but feel it must be in the south of england and it must be dangerous because of the sheer volume of traffic.

Not Sure.


From what I have heard it is the cambridge circus in london ( in theatreland area of london ).

Watling Street (the old Fosse Way), as it has some blind crossroads.

M25, accident in the news everyday.



The Acle Straight in Norfolk beween Acle and Great Yarmouth. straight road NOT dualled lots of accidents regularly.

Any road that you have to drive slowly on slow speeds cause road deaths due to lack of concentration and monotonous droning along motorways espescially HGV's.

Anywhere in London; why? Because Mayor Boris doesn't care about ordinary people and will stop the measures Ken Livingstone was putting in place to improve road safety.

A34 between Oxford and the M4 junction, because of the number of accidents which occur on it.

M6 15 to 12jnt, to much traffic at peak times, idiots jumping from lane to lane to get 30meters etc and driving to close to try and stop this which makes vehicles behind to break suddenly causing accidents etc.

M25 too much traffic caused by too many people in the country.

M6 I have personally witnessed 20-30 crashes on this road in the past year.

M4 - too many cars.

Any road with a speed camera on it, as drivers are more likely to look at their speedometer than they are to concentrate on the road.

A1 newry n.ire.

A31 Hogs Back outside Guildford - straight road but with narrow overtaking lanes. Several blind slip roads as well.

Not sure.

Any road with pot-holes as I am a cyclist.

Snake pass, derbyshire. Insufficient passing places and too many idiots who think they can create them out of nothing.

M25 speed.

M1 always seem to be reports of accidents on it whenever you listen to the radio.

Ballygawley road co tyrone.

M6 Because of varying amounts of roadworks and the volume of traffic people inevitably end up driving at excessive (frightening) speeds in an effort to make up for lost time.

A12 near Marks Tey. Motorway speeds, heavy traffic including trucks, but two narrow dual carriageway lanes with entrances, corners and hills.

Narrow rds.

M25 It is very busy and people use it like a race track.

A9 up in the highlands/Inverness. Single carriageway, and have had a few close calls with business men driving like lunatics on it, bevcause they were stuck behind a truck or a slow moving vehicle.

M6, wife was in a crash with my daughter and grandchildren, HGV drivers at fault...luckily they all survived.

Any country lane, with young speedy drivers.

Don't know.

A14 Huntingdon to Cambridge.

A556 between M56 and M6.

M25 peopl.

It's not the roads it is how they are driven on. ie b class roads at high speeds or slow drivers in lane 2 of m-way.

All motorways are dangerous.

Any road where there's a speed camera or a speed trap, which means that the person in front slams on the brakes when they spot it!


M3. I consider that the speed of vehicles and type of driving, tailgating etc to be very dangerous. Regarding drinking I think no driver should drive if they have had any drink.

Any road with a person who drives 40-50 mph regardless of speed limit. Normally elderly who tell people off but always seem to be doing 40 in a 30 and 50 on a 60 = recipe for accidents.

A 14 seriously congested no third lane. important hgv route only one lane for cars.

Most junctions onto motorways :- as most drivers forget they have to give way to traffic already on the carriageway!

M25, when it's not a car park. there are so many exits that too many people use it as an alternative route to get where they want even if it means going a few miles more. but too many of them go speeding around in the fast lane and then all of a sudden their exit comes up and they shoot across people to get off the motorway.

Hanscross Hill , Sussex Its an A road that has multiple large curves in it and people try to overtake here reguarly.

A449: Sharp bends can catch out those who do not know the road.

Theres a road on the moor in brecon and its perfectly straight and it doent have much traffic but there is always loads of flowers by the road in loads of places and people drive stupidly on it because they think its the middle of the moor and then they collide with a sheep/ cow or something because they were going too fast and couldnt stop so end up in the ditch.

Dont know.

A303 between Ilminster and South Petherton, as it's wide enough to be dual carraigeway, but they make it switch constantly and people take chances!

I do not know of any at the moment.

A4074 (?) - Road from Reading to Oxford.

Snake Pass.

A104 - Epping New Road. The road runs through Epping Forest and the road surface is uneven. Because it is generally a straight road, many people often travel at speeds of 60mph + even though the speed limit is 40mph. At the excess speed, drivers' are unable to compensate for vehicles travelling slowly to pull out of/into the forest car parks. They also do not allow for deer, foxes, horses leaving the forest or pedal cyclists in the cycle lane. No particular stretch of the road is any more dangerous than the rest of the road.

No idea.

M25 - traffic too heaby because its location makes it unavoidable if live in the southeast. Also it seems to be 'uncool' for authoirities to give better roads for motorists, as they must not be encouraged to drive (sic).

A1 north of Morpeth (Northumberland) to the Scottish Border. It's single carriageway.

A69 Carlisle - Newcastle on Tyne single carraigeway for 35 miles, windy and very busy.

No idea.

The A1 yorkshire no lights at night and high speed.

Don't know.

I don't believe that there is a single dangerous road in the UK. Roads don't drive. People are dangerous when driving on certain roads and in certain driving conditions.

Cat and fiddle, buxton to macclesfield, winding road with lots of blind bends.

There's a hilly road near Hexham, coming down from Scotland. My husband prefers it to motorways. (!) It's murder. There are lots of dips where you can't see what's coming. Don't know the number but it's an important A road.

M9 in Scotland.

A74 only 2 lanes.

M4 - too congested the bus/taxi lane means taxi sspeed down it past stationary cars which is potentially very dangerous.

A1 - Edinburgh to Newcastle, busy road and not dual carriage way for most of it.

Don't know.

No idea.

M4 into London because of bus lane only two lanes for cars.

A14 in cambridgeshire.

A530 Whitchurch Road. A rural A road with nasty bends, tractors, big lorrys, polish people and other foreigners driving on the wrong side of the road, the odd straight but most of all it is red route one for bikers. At weekends it sounds like a bike grand prix track from my garden and I don't live right onto the road. I live near a very dangerous crossroads onto A530 at Aston, all manner of terrible accidents have happened here because you have to stick your nose out, as it were, to see whats coming. People and animals, including a horse in the care of its rider, have been killed on this crossroads. The police and the council are not bothered! It seems that we are too rural and too far from Crewe for them to care.

Roads are not dangerous but a lot of people that use them are lethal!

M3 Jct13 - the drivers coming up from the M27 from the west come on to this road too fast - also, there is too much lane changing going on at this junction as a result of traffic coming up from the M27 from the East as well and all having to filter on to the M3.

M25 because of all the Londoners on it - speed mad! (Dont really know, only drive within a 6 mile radius of home in remote Devon!).

Don't know. All the motorways are very busy and everybody drives too fast.

A12 Poor junction layout at all Witham junctions. cars are forced to join the A12 on a bend.

Don't know.

Am not sure.

Don't know.

Cat & Fiddle, Macclesfield to Buxton. Motor Cycles accidents are the highest in UK. Open road accross morrland with sweeping bends. I know the road well as I used to live near it.


M25 poor road surface, heavy traffic flow, not enough lanes, all motorways should be six in each direction. Our road network is a disgrace and third world.

Dont know.


A9, north of perth to inverness. people get frustrated and take silly risks to overtake slower traffic.

M25 Variable speed restrictions, entry and exit slip roads clustered to close at buisy intercanges.

Roads aren't dangerous, drivers are.

Dont know.

M25 - mainly because it is so busy and most people do not know how to drive on motorways - as it is not taught to you as a learner driver.

M25 All of it Every road law is broken by some one all the time.

A 90 Scotland, Number of deaths.

Roads in West Wales are not congested in the same way as in England. We do seem to have a higher number of young drivers being killed, in my opinion as they tend to drive too fast.

A595. very narrow 2 cars cannot pass in numerous places and there have been a lot of accidents.

Nearly every road in Cardiff. The drivers around here are so aggressive and fast. And we're not just talking boy racers here.

With the number of both council/police cctv cammeras and the concentration of police in our towns and cities, there is a known greater risk of being caught among those who would feel inclined to take a chance. Obviously in more rural areas there are less people but also there is a lesser police/cctv pressence so people may feel they can get away with it. As such I feel it is more likely to be any rural road leading away from a village pub rather than a city road. (oh and you forgot to give us an option to state what we feel the alcohol limit should be. In my view it should be zero alcohol and zero tolerance to anyone caught drink driving).

7-dials roundabout, Brighton. Tiny roundabout, too many roads connected to it - it's a free-for all. AND Also, Isaac's Lane Between Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill. Ridiculous number of accidents on this road. Very bendy, frequently used by cyclists. NEED A SEPERATE CYCLE ROUTE!

A607 Thurmaston/Leicester, there have been numerous accidents there usually because of speeding drivers and red light jumpers.

No Idea.

A14 Brampton.

M25 southern stretch foreign orries.

Don't know.

I am full liecensed driver, do not have a car because am not working and therefore didn't have money to buy a car since, I DONT SMOKE! I DONT DRINK AND DRIVE, I HAVE NO POINTS ON MY LIECENSE AND CERTAINLY DO NOT KNOW ANY DANGEROUS ROAD IN BRITAIN, I HAD NOT DRIVEN LONG ENOUGH IN THE UK TO KNOW WHICH ROAD IS DANGEROUS AND WHICH ONE IS NOT? HOWEVER? I feel all those road markings is just narrowing up the roads, slizing the raod to tiny space to drive is unfair to car drivers, no problem with road warnings and markings but they might as well widen the road for better use than narrow it down to practically hugging the lanes to fit in for drivers who had driven for years on same roads before it was all halved with endless markings meaning bus lanes that half the normal road car drivers driving lanes will had been better if the road were widened altogether before all this lanes are imposed.

A road on Mam tor is pretty bad, part of it has collapsed due to subsidence. There is a road above Macclefield where a lot of bikers are killed every year. I would not like to walk across a moterway they are quite bad. I think road speeds should change depending on the time of day and conditions, if there is no one around at 3 in the morning they should change a thirty zone to a 40 zone maybe.

M42 because of all the traffic and the constantly changing speed limits mean you spend too much time watching your speed instead of the other traffic.

Cat and fiddle road in Derbyshire. Sweeping bends on a step downhill slope in the Countryside which is a popular bikers road but also used by large lorrys.

A339 - most dangerous road in Hampshire and I have to use it regularly.

Don't know.

A59 Harrogate to Skipton Single carriageway, Lots of slow lorries, caravans and tractors. numerous side roads, blind summits and limited overtaking possibilites over the entire length causing frustratingly low lines of traffic at all times of year.

A9 Perth - Inverness. Mostly single carriageway. Overtaking dangerous.

10 Downing Street, because on all recent evidence the person living there is either a crook, incompetent, or both.

I honestly do no know which road is the most dangerous in the UK.

A696 Northumberland. A poorly maintained road with few safe overtaking opportunities for the many who do not know the road well and with heavy traffic between England & Scotland.

No idea.

I think many raural roads that I use are dangerous as well as moterways mainly due to risk takers.

M25 - always busy, people changing lane too frequently, and lots of heavy vehicles on it.

M25 not enough lanes.

No idea.

A272 high speed rural single c/w road heavy use by motorcyclists.

A4 between Hammersmith and Brentford. due to being very busy nearly 24*7 veichles travel to close together for the speed limit, there is also pedestrians crossing the road at dangerous points.

Snake Pass in the summer.. Everybody goes crazy especially bikers.

Any road can be dangerous if one drives without due care and attention.

M6 Too many commercial vehicles. Too much congestion.

A1M-Scotch Corner to South.M1-Watford Gap/ South.M62-towards West.M6-Bolton to South. A48-Newport/Swansea.A98-Edinborough/Glasgow. "CARELESS Road Idiots" 17-45age group.

M1 between j8 and j9 because the roadworks cause the road to constantly change.

Don't know.

Wessex Way Dual carraigeway approaching Bournemouth.4 speed cameras in a 3 mile stretch.(50Mph)Drivers keep slamming brakes on when cameras are spotted and bad slip road markings and design.

A361 North Devon Link Road.

B1073-Too narrow, uneven and slippery in winter or wet conditions to the extreme.

A90 in Scotland, mainly single carriageway and frustrated drivers overtake slow vehicles recklessly.

Roads are not dangerous, it's the way people drive on them.

A491 Hagley towards M5 council have made dual carriage way one lane causing delays behind slow moving vehicles.

The M1 around between junction 21a and 21.There is at least 1 accident a day.There are too many intersections together so people do not get chance to get into the right lanes before the next one.There are two junctions a mile a part both with feeder lanes with services in between the road designers were mad to build it.

Locally = A339 Lots of bends and a number of motorcyclists killed in recent years.

M8 Central Glasgow with exits and entries on both sides of the road. This leads to people staying the the middle lane causing undertaking and frustration.

M25 Too crowded, too many HGVs, a lot of frustration and tiredness in drivers who then take silly risks and become impatient.

A36 it always seems to have accidents on it.

A14 in Cambridgeshire and Northampton shire.

A340 Basingstoke to Tadley I've heard of several fatal accidents, due to young inexperienced drivers exceeding the speed limits with excess alcohol in their system.

A9. Too much heavy traffic - big lorries and caravans - and not enough passing places, drivers get frustrated and over take when they shouldn't.

Any road with looney drivers on it is a danger road.

Leek to Buxton Road, Staffordshire, fast road, lots of tight corners and extreme weather because it is in the staff moors.


M6/M42 Junction at Coleshill, approaching from North on M42, its difficult to figure out which lane your need to be in, turning "left" onto the M6, you need to be in the middle, straight on onto the M42, you need to be on the left.

Don't know.

A66 cumbria.

M6 motorway near Preston.


M25 because people drive too fast too close and have VERY POOR lane control. But poor lane control is general, maybe because it is not taught or tested in the driving test.

All inner city roads. In any built up area.. Reason Too much information exchange required from drivers. Particularly traffic lights one way systems road markings and changing speed restrictions. Average motorist can not deal efectively with this. Motorways are the safest roads by far.

A59 North Yorkshire. Twisty moorland road with bad drivers taking overtaking risks.

Do9nt know.

Don't know.

A1000 - too many cameras so people keep braking unnecessarily.

Dual Carraige-way, leading up from Newcastle Tyne Bridge, and ending at "Cowgate Round-about". Why is this road dangerous? because idiots speed up the carraigeway towards the round-about, and try and beat the turning traffic from Cowgate, this has nearly claimed my life, firstly years ago on my push-bike, and quite a few times as a proffesional HGV Driver, and also as a normal car-driver. Thank you.

A28 - quite alot of accidents seem to happen on that road.

A? in Yorkshire, high percentage of motorcyclists killed/injured.


Cat & Fiddle - Narrow steep with many very sharp bends.

A590 m6 to Barrow in furness in lake district duel carrage secins sort people taking risks to get 1 car in front.

A47 - changes from dual to single frequently along its length.

Anwhere on the M6.

A338 ringwood - salisbury. next to river so is often foggy. Double bends make overtaking dangerous.

M25 - it's manic people changng lane without looking -.

A9 Perth to Inverness Not dual carriageway, difficult to pass trucks & caravans safely.

M6 stress.

M6 in the West Midlands. People driving too close to the vehicle in front and people who refuse to pull into the inside lane and just sit in the middle lane. When it's wet the amount of spray from lorries reduces visibility to nil and still people drive too close at fast speeds.

M62 at least one accident every day.

A38 Lichfield to many aggressive drivers who try to rush even when there is to much traffic.Also several pedestrians have been killed on it there is usualy a crash along this road.

Cromwell rd west london It's very busy.

Dont Know.


The A9 to Inverness. It is ridiculously built as part dual carriageway, part single. It is frightening.

A96 Aberdeen to Inverness. Single carriageway road so people in a hurry take chances when overtaking trucks and other slow vehicles.

I do not know of one.

Don't know!

I have no idea.

M25 or many rural roads.

A65. Immediately after motorway it is single carriageway trunk road with farm vehicles driving slowly.

I really don't know as I only drive locally in Kent but the M25 is not too clever.

A47 Birmingham. 2+ inside lane. People with 2 occupants or less drive at 60+MPH on the inside lane compared to 30 average in the outside lane. Seen more accident in the last year than in the two year before hand. I never saw congestion on this road until the congestion scheme came into force.

All of London.

M1 through the road works Because people ignor signs and only move lanes when they reach the cones cutting in on others Good idea would be speed enforcement cameras where lane closures are in force The average speed cameras and the newer circular speed enforcement cameras work well and people DO take notice of these.

Junction of M1 and M6. Stupid people leaving the turn till the last minute and cutting across the lanes.

A1 mix of dual/singe/motorway starting from scotland.

A14 - whole stretch, too much traffic uses the two lane road.

M25 traffic is to close to one and other the lanes are not wide enough.

A14. Huntingdon to Cambridge. Road not fit for purpose. Lorries pull out with no notice / care, should be restricted to inside lane only.

A14. Too many trucks pull out in front of you.

A419. The streatch between the M4 {Swindon.} and Cirencester. Continual Road Works, Closed sections and sudden diversions.

Don't know.

M25......too many tailgaters and slow drivers in the passing lane.

Not too sure of the most dangerous road, but drivers in Aberdeen are among the worst I have seen. They have little to no regards for other road users and very little patience.

Not sure which road is the most dangerous.

M25 Western Stretch. The speed limits are variable and change for no apperent reason which causes bunching a lane changes.

I dont really think a road is dangerous, they never have accidents or kill people. Its peoples judgement and ultimatley poor judgement that is the cause of accidents and not the road.

M3 coming into London near the M25 intersection - it is busy, yet full of pot holes and ruts. It seems just a matter of time before a motorcyclist comes unstuck.

M25, full of impatient, arrogant german car drivers.

M25. Especially near the on ramps and exits, mainly because it is used by so many lorries which drive far too fast and far too close together. Nobody takes notice of the stopping distances on that road.

Cat and Fiddle - combination of speed and road alignment.


Testos roundabout a19, always accidents there.

Dont know?

M1 between junction 9-12.

A12 essex to small for amount of traffic.

Don't know.

Any road if an idiot is coming the other way!

Don't know.

A54 Congleton to Buxton in Derbyshire, poorly equipped with road signs, too many deviations of course, bends and such like..


Don't know.


M6 junction 17-18, hi percentage of accidents for no apparent reason.

It's not the roads, it's the drivers.

I don't know.

M25 to busy its a carpark and very very dangerous.

No idea.

The bigest danger on the roads is the oldest drivers, they have no idea about the modern cars, they cause alot of problems like driving all over at 40 mph, evan on blind bends, cause alot of trafic problems.they should all have to take a retest if they drove before 1970.


Dont know.

Arn't they all dangerous?

A13 so much traffic going to Tilbury docks and Lakeside.

A1 - idiots sit in the outside lane permanently.

A46 - people drive too fast.

The A65 or 66, not sure which - up in Northumbria.

Cat and fiddle, Buxton. Fast corners.

No idea.

A13 to Lakeside.

Don't know.

M6 birmingham to stafford, far to many cars and idiots driving excessively.


I don't think there is a 'most dangerous road in the UK'. I think there are many many dangerous roads and its simply down to the way people drive.

Cat and Fiddle Road - very bendy and on a slope.

Oxford Road Reading - single lane both ways in/out of Town - absolutely inadequate for volumes of people wanting to travel - Town has City delusions with village amenities re Roads.

A590 Cumbria - numerous road deaths over the years - 'A' roads leading into narrower roads.

A361 North Devon link road Too fast, long and boring.

A303 ilminster bypass.

I have only driven on the M25 on a few occasions as I live in Northern Ireland, however it is the worst road I have ever driven on and I have driven many miles in North America. The speed.lack of lane discipline, general lack of care for other drivers-Nightmare.

M 25.


I am unable to name one specific road, but I do think that all roads are becoming dangerous as a result of increasing traffic, our Goverement needs to come up with a system to control the amount of traffic else one day our roads will just come to a standstill.


No idea.



M25 - Idiot drivers.

There's a junction of five roads in Manchester - including the meeting of the A6 and A57 in Ardwick near the city centre which is pretty lethal.

A66 scotch corner to penrith. frustrated drivers trying to get round slow lorries with not many passing places.


M62 cross pennine motorway artic drivers tail gating.

Macclesfield to Buxton. Motorcycles.

M25 for the combination of the sheer volume of traffic and the mixture of foreign drivers.There is also an A road in Lincolnshire which is purported to be the most dangerous A road.

A66 single carage way , overtakeing and speed.

The road from Edinburgh to Newcastle.

A59 York.....Constant accidents. Should be dualled!


No roads are dangerous, only bad drivers.

All major roads, mainly because of the very large lorries some of whom are foreign. Bad drivers cause accidents on all roads, no consideration given to other drivers.

A1 north of Morpeth. It is the main link between London and Edinburgh and yet it is single carriage-way and tractors are allowed to use it. Articulated lorries are limited to 40MPH and it is possible to get stuck behind a lorry for long periods of time without any chance of being to overtake safely. The local authorities then have the gall to advertise how many casualties there have been recently.

A64 between tadcaster and malton. It is a badly designed road that cannot cope with the volumes of traffic especially during peak/holiday seasons.

M25, drivers think they can disregard the road rules and only slow down when there are cameras and tail-gating is the worst I have experienced.

A9 Perth - Inverness, This is a pretty wild drive. People drive too fast in all weather conditions, which, as you can imagine, are treacherous at times.

M25.........sheer weight of traffic....going to the airports and lorries from the channel ports.

Settle to giggleswick.

Cat & Fiddle Buxton to Congleton Road. Road conditions particularly in bad weather and excessive speed.

M25, not enough lanes.

M60 Worsley interchange.

Any motorway where people drive too slowly (under 50mph).

M25 - Too many bad drivers!

Don't know.

M25 london. The amount of bad driving and the sharp, unexpected braking for speed cameras.

Finchley Road into London from the M1 due to sheer weight of traffic and inappropriate road width to connect the M1 and the Capital.

I don't drive on any roads that are particularly dangerous.

North Circular - London - Number of speed limit changes with cameras, lane changes and traffic lights - creating massive traffic bunching and erratic lane changing and braking.

A40 from Target Roundabout to Paddington. This road has long-term roadworks and inconsistent speed limits, forcing drivers to slowdown and speed up all the time.

M4 traffic volume.

Snake pass Derbyshire, used by morons on motor bikes.

No dangerous roads.....just dangerous drivers.

M25 - all of it. Drivers down there are mad, and there are lot of times when drivers have to change lanes for exit roads or to take up carrageways to continue in desired direction.

A9 People get impatient, it is a very busy road not many passing places, on the few passing places tourists can get disorientated and go on to wrong side of road.idiots overtake on bends, have bdriven many roads in Uk this is the worst.

A96 Inverness to Aberdeen This road has not been updated completely they keep doing small bits but it has a large amount of commercial transport and most of the road is just too narrow.

Country back roads - because you become complacent and the danger is not so obvious.

M25 - only because there always seem to be reports of accidents and hold-ups on radio stations.

A11 (Suffolk/Norfolk). Frequent accidents & fatalities due to speeding & overtaking on single carriageway. Needs to be dual-carriageway & remove lights at Elveden & remove roundabouts near Thetford.

A889 nr. Dalwhinnie Scotland. Most accidents per amount of traffic.

M25 - too many lanes and too much traffic!

A9 PERTH TO INVERNESS Heavy traffic and lack of overtaking. Should be dualk carriageway throughoutr.

M60 the junction where the turn off that leads to liverpool, traffic weaves in and out and is limited in lanes so traffic backs up and people drive irrationaly.

Farnham Road, Between Beaconsfield and Slough. A lot of accidents and people go very fast and there are some blind spots.

M25 due to volume of traffic and bad driving.

Belfast to Banger road. 4 lanes with no central reservation or barrier.

I think it might be an A road either in Scotland or near Birmingham?

M6 J16 to J19.

Talgarth Road by the junction of Gliddon Road as cars often do U-turns along Gliddon Road as they are not allowed to turn right. Some cyclists ignore the signs and do what they want. Also, the pedestrian crossings are not safe as the dual carriageway is such that it cannot safely accommodate everyone who is crossing in the morning.

Any busy motorway because there are too many drivers who think that everyone else should get out of their way and perform dangerous manouvres to pass other cars instead of just "going with the flow" and waiting for a safe opportunity to overtake.

The Snake Pass as it is windy and people drive too fast.

A2 Gravesend Kent. This road is in the process of being enlarged and is a very busy road, as it is a A road, learner drivers are allowed to use it. They are a terrible danger as this road is so busy and as a driver of 20 years standing I find it challenging. The amount of times that I have seen near misses and heard and seen accidents involving learner drivers is almost a daily experiance. They need to upgrade the road and at least stop people learning on it.

A66 - Preston to Scotch Corner - very winding road with lots of trucks and few passing places - witnessed the closest I have to a road accident whilst travelling on this road.

A9 It is a long road that really should be dual carriageway. Lorries and caravans cause frustration and drivers take risk overtaking where they shouldn't.

A5/A49 by-pass around Shrewsbury. It's a very wide Single carriageway road that seems to encourage stupidly close overtaking in both directions.

M6 It is dangerous because around M1 Birmingham and Manchester there are a lot of motorways that join it and a lot of unessential road markings, and messages and speed limit drops that distracts the drivers attention and cause people to speed excessively when the sped restrictions change.

They are all dangerous.

No particular road as long as you drive within the limitations of your car the prevailing conditions & visibility.

M5 south of Bristol - number of accidents.

Not sure.


M62 Too many large vehicles.

A303 Ilminster Bypass. - The markings are confusing, it is 3 lane and the priority changes frequently. Most accidents are head on.

A26 Herons Ghyll area. Bad bends and extremely bad road surface. Ok if you know the road but many people don't.

A48 - South Wales - 3 Lane two way major trunk road.


I can only give you the moch dangerous road in my surrounding area which is the A120 between Braintree and Colchester. From both sides this road changes from a dual carriage way into a single carriage way. It is, however, used by such a mixbag of traffic - cars, lorries (through-road to Harwich ferry port), cyclists and slow tractors - that the various speeds sometimes 'clash' with each other.

A43 because it carries so much heavy traffic with limited passing places encouraging people to overtake riskily.

Dont know.

A1 north of Newcastle towards Scotland. Single Lane, should be a motorway. Repeatedly turned down for upgrade funding by central government.

A1 North of Morpeth, and right up to Scotland from there. We've been promised a duel carragway for about thirty years!


A6 - Buxton-> Derby. Bends, frequent poor visibility, motorbikes travelling too fast.



No idea.

A90 - number of fatalities.

Euroroute - A 75 from Gretna to Stranraer. Number of teenage fatalities over the past number of years, plus to carries 90% 0f all Irish Heavy traffic yet most of it is just a two lane trunk road.

M6 over used for the size of road ie 3 lanes.

A396 to Tiverton - the number of accidents and the way people drive on it.

Entering and leaving the M3 between Southampton and Winchester. Very heavy traffic and short slip roads.

A1307 - Abington to Haverhill - loads of accidents and deaths - kids driving too fast with little experience.

Just look on the net , its some cross Pennine "A" road that motorcyclists use.

Barnsley to Wakefield Busy, winding, single carriageway A road.

None are dangerous.

A889, Dalwhinnie, I read about once.

A1. Some parts are A roads, some parts are motorway. Crossing traffic & slowly moving lorries trying to overtake one another.



M6 Birmingham - Volume of Traffic.

The 3 lane bit of the A303 in the west country used to scare me rigid!

A614 East Yorkshire Bikers use it to the east coast and there is a competition to see who can take cavill bends near howden the fastest. Often posted on the internet...

M6 at Knutsford northbound. Regular heavy traffic, the need to cut across lanes right to left to get to 1: the services then 2: Junction 19 exit whilst traffic exiting the services is trying to move across lanes left to right .

No idea.

M25 too congested around dartford.

A66 across from east to west because it is a cross country road which is used by bothy slow moving vehicles (tractoprs) and fast cars travelling across the country and it is often single lanes.

A46 Lincolnshire due to is small size to the amount of traffic. People take too many chances when overtaking and speading.

M3/M27 interchange there are just so many accidents.

A59 (Harrogate to Skipton). It's easy for people to speed on and their are a lot of blind corners. It's also not lit at night and on some parts there is only a small metal barrier between you and a 50 foot drop.

A14 between spittals and cambridge, because it's a 2 lane carriageway full of foreign lorry drivers with left hand drive.

A69 Carlise to Newcastle main truck route but mostly single carriage very bad accidents with deaths. Should be duel carriage all the way.

A65, motorbikes constantly speeding and overtaking make the road really dangerous.

A12; Romford to Colchester stretch. Not wide enough, not lit well enough, slip roads not long enough & terrible road conditions in some parts (tarmac, pot holes etc). The other bits may be as bad tbh but I don't use them.

M25, London. Congestion causes people to lose concentration and overestimate their skills.

Don't know.

A52 Ashbourne.



The M621, because drivers fly down it at riduclous speeds and with it only been 2 lanes and very tight slip roads it makes it very unsafe road, espcially when the speed limit is 50mph.

There are no dangerous roads, only dangerous drivers! Sorry.

A40 between Gloucester and Ross on Wye. 18 miles with almost no safe passing places.

The A5 from Shrewsbury to Nesscliffe, and the A11 from Attleborough to Norwich. Both are awful, with deceptive straights, limited dual carriageway, too many junctions, and too many narrow areas. People get fed up with not being able to overtake, then go bonkers when they hit a bit that looks even remotely fast. The A11 stretch saw 2 fatalities even before it was officially opened (on the first week of service), and the A5 sees a fatality most months.

A1307 between A11 and Haverhill - too many dead and injured due to badly layed out road, young drunks from Haverhill and bad driving.

M25 too many cars and variable speds.

A27. It is very fast and very wide and a great temptation to drive too fast. Several people have already died there.

I can only speak from experience. The A47 from Wisbech to Kings Lynn and Norwich. It is dual carriage way and it is prone to people showing signs of tiredness, though I do not know the cause.

Don't Know.

M5/m4/a38 interchange reason being drivers often have to cross from the right hand laneto the far left in rush hour it is horrendous and causes many accidents.

A17 Fast dual carriageway stretches interspersed with slow single lane stretches means that drivers get frustrated and try to overtake when they shouldn't.

M25. many accidents.

Don't know but it will be one of the A roads with three lanes.


A52 boston westwards - lots of migrant drivers.


Spaghetti junction very confusing.

M4 Wiltshire mostly in open country and people think its safer than in built up areas.

A15 linconshire too narrow hidden dips.

The Cat and Fiddle. Single carriageway, lots of bends in the road, and too many trees/street furniture to collide with.

There seem to be a lot of accidents between jnct 18 and 19 of the M6.

A595, Silecroft Very bad junction with minor road.

A46 Nottinghamshire. Not dualled but has very busy traffic.

M40 Junctions 2 - 1. I keep getting held up by accidents on this stretch of the motorway.


A40 into London. There are loads of speed cameras on it and people slow down suddenly before them and then speed up again afterwards.

M1. Because of the many many huge lorries, many of which are foreign left-hand drive vehicles who cannot see vehicles overtaking in their blind spot. All huge lorries should be made to travel in the slow lane or at least in 1 or 2 lanes totally separate from cars. the Government pushes us into ever more smaller cars while allowing these huge lorries to thunder along our roads. When push comes to shove the car passengers lose.

A34 junction with M4 for Newbury. People are always jumping the lights they have installed at the roundabout. especially in the mornings getting to work.

Any scottish motorway. They all undertake. Any scottish roundabou. They never slow down to look.

A6 in derbyshire motor bikes are taking too many unnessary risks.

A4 - next to Heathrow Airport - all those people watcfhing planes take off and land and not the road ahead.

Every one of them. Drivers have no concept of courtesy and safety - theirs and yours - is no longer a prime concern.

A12 after Chelmsford until it gets to Suffolk. Narrow dual carriageway very busy and many bends. Has more than its fair share of dangerous drivers.

No answer - don't know - woulddn't like to guess - none near where I live and drive.

West Bay Road in Bridport/West Bay Dorchester. It is a 30mph restricted, BUT all vehicular traffic break the speed limit by racing! There is almost a mile on this road to the sea bay side, where walkers children mobility chairs are at risk. Part of this road has only one pavement AND there is NOT! PEDESTRIAN crossing. We have been informed to get a pedestrian crossing - 3 people have to - DIE!

A14. It has a 70 mph speed zone but lorries can use BOTH lanes for mile to overtake each other. This frustrates drivers. Also some lorry drivers at night are very tired and swerve all over the road.

All roads are safe but it is the driver who is dangerous.


Cat and fiddle.

A57 between Sheffield and Glossop. High, bendy road with bad weather.

A17 Kings Lynn to Newark - long single carriageway road with lots of farm traffic on it.


A303 junction with M3 northbound. A303 traffic cutting across the M3 lanes.

M25 & M4 - London drivers are continually switching lanes in high traffic at high speeds. Pressure to drive faster than you feel comfortable doing.

M1 very busy.

M6 stoke to Knutsford.


A85 between Callander and Lochearnhead.

A12/A127 Gallows Corner Roundabout, It's difficult to get a clear gap, the lanes are poorley marked and drivers are often in the wrong lane.

A47 between Acle and great yarmouth, majority of that road is straight which encourages drivers to speed and overtake only to be faced with a very tight bend and junction. as far as im aware all aciedents on that stretch of road are due to driver error ie speeding or drink driving.

A15. should be a duel carriage way. there are no places to overtake safely and when cars do they are taking risks.

I've no idea....

Its hard to single one out, especially as I drive in excess of 40, 000 miles a year so I see many dangerous road with similar degrees of danger on them. Personally I hate driving from Basingstoke to Southampton on the M3 for football on a Saturday because the standard of weekend driving overall is an accident waiting to happen.

Tynewydd Road Rhyl. Built as an urban road but has become part of arterial road to bypass Rhyl town centre. Not designed for the amount of traffic it takes. A steep road bridge over main railway line means speeding cars are not seen on approach in the vicinity of school access. The road is lethal. Not only cars driven at excessive speeds are regularly seen but drivers using mobile phones, mainly women taking children to schoo or returning empty are too regularly observed.

They all are oneway or another.

The M25 as drivers never leave enough space between vehicles and they all drive too fast.

M25 - Too much traffic and when there is an accident it tails back for hours.

M25 it seems that all the nutters from all over the country get together to go as fast and they can and as close to the vehicle in front as they can, if you leave the correct stoping distance the nutters will fill in with 3 4 5 vehicles and at high speed you have got no chance.

A15. Its got loads of dips. You can't see cars coming the other way if they're in one. I Never overtake on that road.

Don't know but probably the A12 will be high listed.

Trunk road continuation off the N end of the M6.

Don't know.


Not sure.

Can think of quite a number of motorway, a roads dangerous due to high traffic volume and excessive signs, filtering and constant changes to road.

Heads of the valleys, A465, parts of it are three lane highways.

It is not the road it is the drivers. M25 east at junction with M23 and again at junction with M26. Drivers saving 10 seconds by staying in right hand lane to last second, then puling across lines of traffic to take M23 or M25 respectively, drivers not moving into the left hand lane when no-one there, clogging up other lanes. etc etc.

Dont know.

M6 from Birmingham north. It seems very narrow.

M1 I often hear of accidents on the M1 but then it is close to where I live.

A15 there are loads of terrible bends but drivers still think they are ok to overtake safely.

A stretch of the A6 in Derbyshire. Due to bends and single track nature. It is loved by motorbikes.

Most roads are dangerous as most people constantly exceed the speed limit and really don't care to much about other road users.



M 25 lane changes 2 ut 5 causing backups and hard breaking slip roads are not long enough on entry and exit.

The Macclesfield - Buxton 'Cat and Fiddle' road.

Hailgate howden, east yorks its a narrow winding road that has parking bays on both sides, but is not one way. Visibilty is low when driving abd crossing and really needs to be made one way so that pedestrians can cross safely and no cars are trying to pass one another on a street where there is very little space to do so.

Any motorway where lorries overtake one another...

Catthorpe interchange Accident there every day...fatatlities a few times a week.


A98 Aberden - Inverness. This carries an incredibly heavy traffic load and yet almost none of it is dual-carriageway, and little of it straightened and/or widened, causing car drivers to take risks when overtaking slower moving lorries and agricultural traffic (of which there is a lot at some times of the year).

A47 the single carriageway sections between Dereham & King's Lynn. Overtaking in low & high speed limits areas.

Loch Lomondside 'A' Road. Too much traffic, particularly lorries and heavy transport' for such a narrow and poorly upgraded road.

M25 There is very little discipline To many roadworks The toll crossing congestion Variable speed limits that do not relate to road conditions.

A66 (northern England)due to the way lorries drive on it.

A12 in Suffolk. Lots of traffffic, single carriageway - hopelessly run by Suffolk County Council.

M25, there is always too much speeding traffic and road works.

Both my crashes have been on the B4176 in staffordshire. I drive it a lot though.

A12 - goes to two lanes and is always busy. Tends to go from 70-80mph to stationery very quickly.

M25 - too congested, too many awful drivers. Too many ignorant drivers who refuse to use the inside lane(s).


Buxton to Macclesfield motor bikers use it for racing.

Don't know nationally but in Hampshire it would be the A339 - very bendy, hidden turnings, too many lorries and, as these tend to be link roads to other routes, drivers go too fast.

Many roads have to be driven on with more attention but it is the drivers who make the raod dangerous.

All roads are dangerous, it's down to the drivers to keep alert at all times, and not drink and drive, or use mobile phones, if they do then a 5 year driving ban and a retest, plus a 2 year jail term, would sort it out, and up the deiving age to 20.

I don't have a particular stretch of road in mind. There are many dangerous roads across the country.

Any main road in London.

A272 for motorcycles and the M1 for accidents with cars and lorries.


M62 Too many lorries + mist coming often from the moorland. The snake pass. It has many dangerous bends.

Cat and fiddle because motorcyclists showoff their bikes and driving skills or not as the case maybe.

Anywhere in inner London.

M6 around Jct 6.

M25 - always accidents happening.


A442 between Telford and Hodnet.Motor bikes race down it at vast speeds and it is narrow in places and people in cars come onto it from hidden side roads.

Snake Pass, a section of the A57 between Lancashire and Yorkshire.

A90 Scotland - lots of deaths - twisty - people drive too fast.

No idea - what's the measure - highest numner of deaths, highest number of incidents - dangerous for whom? motorists or pedestrians .. cyclists?

M6 midlands link to much traffic.

Mortal Ash Hill in Scunthorpe, always lots of accidents and fatalities on there.

No opinion on this.

Not sure.

A9 Scotland. Lacking dual carriageways in parts of A9 and drivers who cannot resist sppeding often get caught out on the single carriageways.

M1 junctions 24 to 31. There are accidents between those two junctions on a daily basis. I would think mainly due to driver error although it does seem strange that there are so many accidents on that stretch of the m1.

Don't Know.

The A43, because there is so much heavey traffic people take silly risks to get by and often hit on comming traffic.

York rd Leeds people drive too fast on it.

Any road with a youngster with a baseball cap in a car with gold wheels.

A60 From Ravenshead (Near Mansfield) to the Nottingham City outskirts. Road too busy and drivers ignoring speed limits.

A259 - because the labourgovernment will not spend money on making a bypass as it is not in a Labour constituiency - they do not care if Conservative voters get killed . If that road was in the NorthEast it would have had a bypass years ago because of keeping the labour voters alive.


The A6 Road from Manchester South through to Buxton, They have tried to get a by-pass for over 50years now and it has never happened Labour stopped it when they came into power.

I don't know.

Not sure.

M25 - too many foreign lorries and drivers and people drive far too fast.


A12 Colchester to Chelmsford Every week at leat twice there sems to be a major accident.

Not sure.

All of them with an idiot behind the wheel.

M62 from east lancs road towards Leeds its local name is Death Valley.

M1 to many lane hogs police should warn offenders first then points on any other time.

Aberdeenshire. They drive like lunatics. Look at the road death figures for the under thirty. Appalling.



A9 - full stretch is dangerous due to being able to cut across the dual carriageway. Slip roads should be built to cross the carriageway and join it.

The road with the most cameras; cameras cause drivers to drive with eyes on the speedo not with eyes on road. A34 is a bad road.

Don't know.

Cat & Fiddle Road. Too many deaths.

Do not drive enough to make a fair call.

A11. Too many vehicles for a non dual carriageway trunk road.

A59 in Lancashire its only single lane but people travel and overtake at 70 plus.


I don`t know if it`s the most dangerous but The Newry Bypass in N.I.certantly has a black, black reputation.

No Opinion.

All motorways are dangerous no matter where they are. I do use them but the amount of idiots you see speeding, weaving in and out of traffic and cutting people up is rising every day. Its scary to see.

They all are.

A666 Darwen to Bolton. Lots of bends, poor lighting and a haven for boy-racers.

Living in rural area a lot of rural narrow country lanes are quite dangerous But its the driver who is the danger not the road, never heard of a road hitting a car.

Doagh/Ballymena Rd co antrim Northern ireland The speed on this road is highly excessive, it has extremely bad bends and at one crossroads you have to be 1/2 way out onto the road because of tall bush's before you can see what is coming. At one bend BT have to replace the pole every month.


A 1.

A66 snake pass in particular with dangerous bends where cars overtake when they cannot see ahead.

From local press coverage in Shropshire, the A495 has many accidents so Id day that road.

M27 at Southampton / Salisbury junction & at Junction with A31. Due to traffic joining at speed.

M25 It is carrying far too much traffic.

M6 nr Manchester - too many lorries.

M6 just very stop and go.

I think that motorways are probably the most dangerous due to the high sped of vehicles.


The motorway's in general. The limit being 70mph is never kept too and I feel that the limit should be increased, which will ease bottlenecks, slower vehicles than 70mph, cause drivers of other vehicles to act foolishly to pass these slow drivers. So a higher speed limit for cars and vans etc, not wagons or towing vehicles should be introduced like Germany and Holland limits.

Don't know.

M25 - manic and crazy driving on it.

A36 - Mixture of single and dual carriageway, inconsistent speed limits, long sweeping bends that lead to risk taking when overtaking resulting from being sat behind HGVs.

M6 drive too fast and too close to the vehicle in front.

Country lanes.

M25 never seen so many idiots in one place before.

All A & B roads.


A17 Hlbeach to Sutton Bridge Lincolnshire speed of traffic and lane size that encourages poor drivers to force a third lane.

North Circular. Because if you are not used to it, you are never sure which lane to be in.

Sorry I don't know.

A75 stranraer to wagons coming off ferries and not a lot of dual carriageway.

A1 or M62 as they always seem to have very bad accidents happening on them on a regular basis; M62 because of volume of HGVs possibly? and A1 possibly because it has to perform as a motorway but is only a dual carriageway.

A2 everyone drives too fast and the road doesnot feel safe and there is too meny slip roads.


Any Motorway entrance onto the nearside lane.


Harrogate road/ring road leeeds 17 no crossing cars go very fast there.

No idea.

A 140 ipswich to horwicj single carri way not many places to over take.

All roads are dangerous if you take due care or no the peice of road. All drivers should be careful as we all using the same road and there is no hurry to get in front of everyone.

M1 because everyone drives very aggressively.

M62/M60 near to Manchester. Excessive speed in very crowded lanes and lack of allowance for weather conditions.

M6 & M5 junction - Too much traffic, people changing lanes at last moment to get into right lane.



Cat and Fiddle.


No idea.

No idea.

May be M25.

M1 with the roadworks.

A38, Devon: Tv documentary said so.

M1 because it is a boring road, that is, a completely straight road for a large proportion of it.

A 15 in Lincolnshire, Long straight road, people speed and take stupid chances when overtaking.

No idea.

A4123 Birmingham New Road from Wolverhampton to Dudley. It's a long, straight dual carriageway with a very low speed limit and lots of speed cameras and badly designed junctions. People get very frustrated on that road. I think frustration is the biggest cause of bad driving and accidents.

A9, the perth to inverness road, highest number of casulaties and accidents.

Stocksbridge by pass in South Yorkshire. There have been many fatalities. It's a three lane highway and has had many overtaking accidents.

M25 So many large lorries that just signal and pull straight out. Especially foreign lorries.


A57 sheffield-manchester.

A45, too many lorrys.

A303, narrow roads taking huge volume of holiday traffic to West country.

M62/m60 between jcn 10/12 because of lanes meeting and m62 jcn 18/23 because of traffic.

All roads are only as bad as the drivers on them.

M25 always congested every few miles as a result people speed up and then brake sharply without leaving enough room to stop.

A1 - between Dishforth and Scotch Corner. This is the main North-South link between Tyneside and Yorkshire yet you can turn right across on-coming traffic. And traffic can cross the road to join it from side roads.

Cat and fiddle pass near Macclesesfield. People drive too fast for the bends and narrow road.

Any A road in a rural area. The boy racers think they are speedways.

A65 between Settle and Kirby Lonsdale, lots of motorbike crashes due to regular meets at 'The bridge' in KL.

A9 - Perth to Inverness. Single Carriageway with lots of people who do not know the road. They drive too fast and are not aware of the hazards.

M4 – always closed because of accidents and have witnessed a few.


The A453 Nottingham to Kegworth.This road twists and dips and carries many slow HGVs which leads to a lot of inpataiences and reckless overtaking.

I am not sure.

Dont know. They are only dangerous when somebody is driving on it without correct attention to the conditions of the enviroment and road layout etc.

M60 bunching traffic at speeds high and low - not enough police patrols.

Most of the roads in lincolnshire, just bad thought out and not finished propper.

A65 Kendal to Kirkby Lonsdale Many sharp bends where the road is not wide enough.

Lincolnshire roads.

M6 the police place low speed resrictions for no purpose other than so called traffic calming, this creates massive backlogs, and the subsequent increase in driving speeds to make up for lost time.


A 75 Dumfries & Galloway... Its classed as an E road taking Heavy Goods traffic to ferry ports... MINIMAL passing places... in some parts has a bend every 500 yards... the wasted ground either side appears to be holy or the Farmers/landowners are demanding huge sums... it is a dangerous road due to the frustration of being trapped behind Lorries? tractors/caravans then attempting to overtake on blind bends and hoping that you actually get away with it... plus there is the strtch between Dumfries and the M 74 where there are minimal road saftey barriers... therefore anything leaving the road dissaperas down steep embankments... I can supply photos should you wish to take this further..

Cat and Fiddle area in the Peak District because motorcyclists use it as a race track.

A9 Perth - Inverness - Bad streches / bends - some non-dual carriageway sections.

The problems are drivers pulling out without looking, taking chances in situations instead of waiting until it is safer and people causing obstructions parking where they shouldn't making it dangerous for others. these are the real problems not just about speed and they apply to roads everywhere!


Any Road on the Isle of Wight, the drivers there are appalling.

A73 too many people speed on it.

A61 between Ripon and Ripley. It is a very busy road, and due to inadequate investment and half baked traffic control measures (altering the road markings in a badly thought out and impractical manner for the volume of traffic) by the local authority. it now frustrates many drivers who want to be on their way (at a legal speed) as they get stuck behind slow traffic with very few safe overtaking opportunities and some end up taking bigger risks to get past, which frequently result in accidents and fatalities (131 casualties on an 8 mile stretch of road in the last 5 years). Also the lack of a visible police presence does not help discourage bad driving, boy racers racing or hand held mobile phone use. (speed does not kill, bad driving does!).

A24 Knepp Castle. People drive too fast on dangerous adverse cambers. As this road is used by holidaymakers going to the south coast, they are not aware of the hazard and are not warned of it, either.

M11, a lot of traffic.

M1, A14, A12 All far too much traffic with HGV's and commuters. People dont leave enough space between each other.

A453 between j24 of m1 going into nottingham temptation to overtake thin road heavy traffic, lots of slow lorries.

No idea.

Sorry, no idea.

A1 - varying speed limits, changes from one to two lanes.

A537 (cat and fiddle nr Macclesfield). A road with blind corners and sharp inclines. Has had many motorbike accidents..which has caused the road to become more speed restricted, I belive most roads are becoming more restrictive due to bike accidents..penalising car drivers who cannot exceed the speed limits to the same extent. In fact where I live in Grt Manchester I have found the speed cameras erected recently have been solely due to bike accidents. And as more people find bikes are more ecconomical to run(currently being advertised in "national bike week") I can see an increase in speed related bike accidents and therefore more speed cameras being installed.

Don't know.

A12 Essex, far too busy, short entry lanes onto the dual carriageway.

Downing Street! London Gordon Brown.

M1 - It always seems to have accidents.

Lenton St Sandiacre. Nottingham Use it as a rat run.


No idea, they are all as dangerous as the drivers on them.

I think that the M6 there are blind spots on this moterway I have been told I do not drive but this is only by word and mouth.

Don't know.

Not too sure M25?


M1 - weight of traffic.


Unknown to me.

No idea.

No idea. Speeding in built up areas, however, is very dangerous particularly for children.

A77 - too many accidents and speeding drivers, even with new restrictions.


Its not the roads that are dangerous, its the "drivers" inability to judge them correctly!

A303 - incredibly wiggly but people still drive very quickly.

A15 in Lincolnshire, between Caenby Corner and Lincoln - lots of HGV traffic incl foreign drivers, limited overtaking opportunities, undulating road with few passing spaces.


M3 accidents every day.

M62, At Chain Bar, Just about every day they is a bump or crash their.

Chertsey Road A316 Richmond? it comes off the end of a motorway M3 it is by a secondry schoolc further down is richmond college and then further along again a swimming pool, pools on the park. Adults and children jump the barrier instead of using the foot bridges all along that road. Another smaller road that is a death trap is Sandy Lane in Petersham Richmond ther is a dog leg bend and the cars and motor bikes fly down the road.

M1 Junction 11 - 8 Southbound. peole drive too close to each other. Vehicles break sharply. you can be travelling at high speed and the traffic will suddenly stop.

Borough road birkenhead merseyside.

Evesham to Cheltenham road at Beckford. Loads of accidents including deaths. Road has been modified but is still as bad needs to be dual carriageway.

I have no idea.

A17from sutterton to kings lynn...... too much traffic for the size of the road with many lorries and caravans. They hold people up and they get frustrated. They then try and overtake when it isnt really safe to do so. or they go down the centre of the road between the two lines of traffic. There are many accidents along this stretch of road. a number of them resulting in serious injury / death. This road and many like it must be converted into dual carriageway.



Dont know.

All Motorway runways.

I don't think roads are dangerous it's the drivers who are dangerous. I live at the END of a cul-d-sac & you wouldn't believe the speed my neighbours mount their drives. It's a matter of time before someones hit. My neighbour managed to kill a cat as he reversed off his drive he was going so fast!

The A11, as the mayor A's in Britain, because of some drivers madness!


Fabian Way linking Neath to Swansea - people drive too fast and use it ass a motorway. Also there are lots of entrances to works which can lead to crashes and the road seems suseptible to fog and ice.

M25 Sheer volumne of Traffic.

A84/85 Glen Ogle head, Lochearnhead. Fatal motorcycle accidents and HGV crashes. Steep drop from road, no chance to survive at the speed limit.

A9. Due to the volume of traffic and the impatience of people on the short stretches of dual carriageway people make silly error of judgements. The road needs to be upgraded to motorway.

A57 (nicknamed "the snake pass") between Sheffield and Manchester. Roads are only dangerous when people drive beyond the limits of the car or themselves. Roads don't cause accidents, idiots do. This road is dangerous because of the idiots that use it.

M40 constant accidents sometimes fatal around the buckinghamshire stretch.

Not sure.

M25, Enfield Accident hotspot.

No idea.

Don't know.

M25 too many vehicles.

North Circular Road, lots of immigrant drivers with no licence.

A36 through Wylie Valley.

A15 - Very strsight, single carriageway with dips so overtaking is dangerous.


No idea.

I consider roads to be fairly safe, its road users who are dangerous. If you're a competent driver you should be able to compensate for even the worst driving conditions.

M25 because it is too congested and has too many poor drivers on it and road wroks forever ongoing.

Not sure.

Snake pass Derbyshire.

A14 because it can't cope with the volume of traffic - there are too many lorries using it and the lorry drivers drive dangerously.

M25 So busy.

I don't know.

A 606? 616? to Manchester rom M1 is a fast road.

Its not a case of the most dangerous Road. Its the Driver whos at fault for not taking account of where he is and what he can see. This survey is far too short to be of any constructive use. Question one dealt with speed Motorways could have a higher speed limit, areas with schools/built up areas with narrow Roads 20?

A1, south of berwick-upon-tweed.

M25 & M4 Too many joining points crossing with exit points manic driving from Reps/Lorry - artic drivers (foreign lorries more so as they have such a massive "blind spot" and too many "occassional" drivers are unaware of this.

M25 - everyone's always in a rush and take silly chances to escape the traffic & that's always on the radio road warnings as having had an accident affect at least one of the lanes.

Elmstead Lane, Mottingham, London SE9, three pedestrians have been killed in road accidents.

M1 because of the volume of traffic.

All roads carry a variable level of danger, however it is the individual driver and their actions that cause accidents.

M6 - m6/m5 junction - too much traffic.

A889 - A86-A9 near Dalwhinnie most people die from road accident.

A4074 between Reading and Oxford. One stretch of it is called "13 bends of death". Many people ignore the speed limit through there and speed round the bends, nicknaming it "bends of death".

A14 Girton interchange (Cambridge), because of bad design including short slip roads and chronic over capacity use.

A10 changes from 2 to 3 lanes and back regularly and has too many camera causing everyone to speed and slam on brakes.

Any place where young drivers hang out and show off in their cars. Most young drivers are stupid when it come to safety and responsibility for their actions.


A258, dover to deal road.

A339 Basingstoke to Newbury. Main arterial road carrying lots of very heavy traffic. Road is very narrow and bendy in places.

M62. The speed on it frightens me to death as you seem to be dragged along by the rest of the traffic.

M25 everyone drives too fast.

M6 south bound particularly machester and birmingham areas due to sheer volume of traffic A9 in North of scotland due to single lane and 60mph speed limit.

M25 - To many roadworks and drivers drive too fast.

The Acle Straight between Great Yarmouth & Acle. It is a single carriageway which is often 'straight' and encourages poor drivers to do very daft things at speed leading to many accidents, near misses and personal injuries (including deaths).

Rural roads up and down the country which have no markings and vary in width and are unpredictable. Most A roads even if bendy are easy to read and drive.

Not one road, but all roads, especially Gas Guzler Drivers cooming out of side roads.

M6 motorway drivers drive to close to each other.

Dont know.


City Centre driving. .... cyclissts.

It's some drivers that are dangerous, not some roads.

Dont know.

M4 - too many people trying to get out of Wales.


Mere rd, leicester, you can never drive down it due to cars parked - always have to reverse.

A71 stonehouse to Strathaven. Hardly a day goes by when there isn't an accident. Speed Merchants, Motorbikes, many fatalities each year.

Any road with a petrol station on it..i feel robbed and violated every time I go into one to fill my car up. :-).

Sorry, I don't have any idea?

Roads aren't dangerous. It's the drivers!

A445 between Kidderminster & Worcester (Jt. 6). There was loads of accidents, until the Highways agency put in solar cats eyes. This cut the accident rate by over 50%.

Roads outside schools. Some selfish parents are in such a hurry to collect their own children that they ignore the safety of other people's children.

A12 Witham slip road from Hatfield Peveral - small road joining heavy traffic, ludicrously short joining lane.

My driving is fairly local and mostly no more than a 25 mile radius from my home. However, I do use small stretches of motorways (M1 and M25) and find the driving of those motorists attempting to access the motorways from the slip road particularly dangerous as they rarely slow down and wait until they can access safely but expect the drivers in the nearside lane to move out of the way for them!

A134 - Too many low speed limits & too many old people driving too slow for the roads making many people overtake where it is unsafe. All roads with speed cameras - seen more people nearly get in a crash due to sudden breaking when a camera is seen!

A5, lots of slowing down for pedestrian areas.

M6 because its so busy.

A34 congleton road talke and crown bank talke heavy lorries breaking weight limit etc.

Any and every road which has got stupid speed humps on them. Get rid of them so we can get on with consistent safe driving without having to concentrate on obstacle courses.

A650 saltaire west Yorkshire This is a road that has always been bad. It could have been resolved many year ago by build the bypass in the vally. It is an old road with lots of bends very high traffic volumes and many people dis-regard the speed limit.

Many country lanes with national speed limits.

M25 Too busy, too many changes in speed limit , too many inexperienced ;sunday' drivers.


A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon(worst in my area perhaps not in the uk).

M6 just below and North of Birmingham to Manchester - Because it seems full of boy racers with bad attitudes, no driving skills and something to prove (do they get the cars cheap from the motor factory?) and big lorries out to run them down!

Road in Peak District. Fast but twisty. Inexperienced drivers drive without due care and attention.

All motorways, lorries cause a huge danger trying to overtake each other. They should have one lane for lorries and the other two for cars. Speed is not an issue it's careless ness so more police would help but only if they concentrate on bad driving and stupid speeds but 80 is ok. I drive a lot in Germay each year and have yet to see an accident that was solely speed related. Also impatience causes more bad driving.


Don't Know.

Not sure several.

M25 becuase there are too many drivers and not enough rest areas. In Germany, for example, there are rest areas every few miles.

Don't know.

All B type country roads, people drive much to fast on this type of road.

A12 cars driving too fast.

Hill Hall Road, Northern Ireland.

The a1-near newcastle.mad geordies have no idea that you should not go off sliproads at 150mph.

Any Main Road these days.

I don't know any specific roads that are any more dangerous than any others - maybe I'm lucky!

Too many to mention.

A682. Impatient motorists overtake in dangerous places.

A62 manchester to huddersfield. Sheep are allowed to wander about on the road and I have seen several cars run off the road trying to avoid them.

Any road a drunk driver is on.

A12 Northbound. Marks Tey Junction. Short.

M25 - accidents every day.

M1 its dangerous because of the other road users.........too quick in outside lanes etc.

Jointly A9 and A1. The former between Perth and Inverness because of alternating single and dual carriage ways. The latter, between East Linton and the Border, as most of the rest of the route is dualled and suddenly you are on single with turn-offs which cut across oncoming traffic.


M1 Between Jnc 6 & 14. There always seems to be an accident on a daily basis. There are some really bad drivers on the road and lorries blocking the middle lane overtaking other slow vehicles appears to really slow the motorway down. They should not be allowed out of the slow lane!

A406, North Circular Road. Very heavy traffic volume - road seriously overloaded.

Dont know.

North Circular round London. Very busy, people changing lanes, changing speed limits.

A47. Limited overtaking and large amount of slow traffic eg farm vehicles and caravans.

A41 - maany hiddendips, which are dangerous, particulary for overtking boy racers. It is certainly not the most dangerous road in the UK, but one that I know.

The M6 around the knutsford junction, there are so many accidents, an enforced 5omph limit would help stop the carnage.

No idea, the UK is a big place and I haven't driven on every road.

Any traffic-light junction (crossroads or T-junction), where there are 3 lanes going into 2, or two lanes into one. e.g. Northend Rd, Erith (junction at McDonalds), or Erith Rd, Bexleyheath junction with Mayplace Rd, A2 Kidbrooke. This sort of stupid road design is a direct cause of cutting up, and therefore road rage.

All country lanes that have hairpin bends with tall hedges and no passing for two vehicles. Would like to see clear signs alerting drivers and a speed limit of 15 mph imposed. Some drivers on country lanes drive wrecklessly.


It depends on how well you know the road. If you know it well you know where the danger is. Drivers need to take account of changing conditions. I sometimes drive a little over 30 in a 30 mph limit, but if there's a school in the vicinity, and it is term time you won;t find me going above 20mph. The poor quality (potholes) of roads is making many roads dangerous.

A606 drivers overtaking at inappropriate places and speeds.

The A65 at Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds. This road has now been reduced to just one narrow lane, precisely at the point it passes this national monument. If someone steps into the road, there is nowhere for a driver to go to avoid teh inevitable collision. After reducing the lanes to just one, the speed has been retained at a crazy 40 m.p.h! Whoever is responsible for this stupidity, is not fit for teh job in which he/she is being paid! It is a simple matter of time before it happens, and when it does, I will be in touch with you. Perhaps Sky news could send someone to investigate first? John Christie, Leeds 07988 455 868.

Any road with inexperienced youngsters on it when they have their friends with them and trying to impress.


M25 Too busy and fast.

A1 north of newcastle single carriage way and dangerous to overtake.

M27 to congested.


Macclesfield to Buxton A537.

M25 Because it is not a motorway but an arterial road with too many junctions.Idiots constantly barge onto the carriageway accross three/four lanes of traffic and back across to exit the next junction.

M25.This Motorway is the worst road in the uk.Far to many accidents caused every day by careless driving.

Any road with lots of distracting signs and cameras.

M11. It seems to always be in the headlines. The M25 isn't that bad. During the week it is much better as it's the usual experienced M25 users on it. At the weekend the M25 is a nightmare with weekend drivers. It honestly makes a difference on the M25. I am actually a careful driver. 30 years - 15-25k miles per year - no accidents. So my answers aren't supposed to sound 'maverick'.

M62 m60.

The A1, Scotch corner to wetherby.

M1 - whole length - road works and congestion causes frustration and delays which leads to accidents.

Downing Street.

The A1 between Newcastle and Berwick.

A14 in Cambridgeshire. Too much traffic and not wide enough for the volume of traffic.

Leighton Buzzard by-pass in Bedfordshire. It is a single-carriage highway with a 60mph limit yet many cars overtake down the centre of the carriageway at 80mph+ .

I have no idea.

B1098 near March. It's very undulating and needs an armco barrier between it and the river alongside it and people seem to use it as a racetrack.

M25 especially the potters bar junction, we used to live just ff this function and at least 3 times a week the traffic was leaving because it was backed up as a result of an accident.

M40 between oxford and birmingham. No lights long fairly straight and boring.

Don't know.

I dont remember the road number but I think it is in Derbyshire in the Peak district.

Anywhere close to home.


Roads are not dangerous nor is speed. It is inatentive drivers who cause accidents.


M1, because of constant road works and delays.

M25 - too many users cutting in & out.

Dont think any roads are dangerous, it driving irresponsably on them that gives certain ones that reputation.

Somewhere in the North West Dangerous as driving standards lower there.

The one nearest where you live. People think because it is such a short journey they can manage to drive after a drink.

The road running betweet Barrowford and Gisburn. Bad road marking no speed cameras.

I read that a road in the North West in Derbyshire was the most dangerous in the country.

A 666 blackburn to bolton peole always speeding many deaths on there.

REally do not know! They all have the potential to be dreadful if the users are irresponsible.

The roads are safe, it's people who think that an accident will never happen to them who are dangerous.

A38 people seem to drive like maniacs on it.

All roads can be dangerous, driver being the most dangerous thing on any road. More training for young drivers would be helpful perhaps older drivers too would benefit from a little help and instruction and could lower the accedent rate.

M25. High volume of fast moving traffic.

M25 Due to the number of (all) vehicles & particularly foreign, often badly maintained lorries. Also the anoyance caused by long, long, long queus at the river crossing at Dartford due entirely to the toll booths (which were supposed to be stopped some time ago) - there are lots of accidents at the tool booths and approaches which would no occurr if they were removed.. Very badly constructed road with many jproblems caused by the huge numbers of slip roads many of which are not at all important (obviousl M1 - M3 etc are very neccessary).

Dont Know.

A14 - far too busy, drivers drive too fast. Also a mix of local traffic and long distance/lorries creates a bad mix/ Need an alternative. There is a plan to widen it, but I think this will makr things worse.

All roads if you drive like a fool.

A14 between Huntingdon and Cambridge. Needs 4 lanes, but only has 2. Lorries hogging the over-taking lane and blocking all traffic behind them.

Newport Road in Cardiff as it suddenly goes from 2 lanes to 1 lane in both directions without any advance warning and this has led to several accidents.

M8 glasgow.

No idea?

The one closest to home as you are more likely to make a mistake on it.

It's not the roads that are dangerous, but the people behind the wheel.

Any with speed cameras and no police.

A14 in Cambridgshire. Between Huntingdon and Bury St Edmunds. This road is in desperate need of widening due to the amount of traffic using it on a daily basis. It is one of the main routes for shipping ports on the east coast meaning a fair amount of lorries use this road. Add to that the stupid inconsiderate drivers who also use this road makes for an awful journey.

Don't know.

A9/A90 - always hearing about accidents on it on the radio.

The A14 -because it has a large number of foreign right hand drive rigs on it.

M25 - Too many roadworks and temporary speed restrictions.


A1, North of Newcastle up to Edinburgh. It needs to be dual carraigeway as a high priority, and I am certain that if it was in any other county it would be.

A75? I think it's in scotland somewhere in the highlands, it usually appears on these surveys as the most dangerous. having driven on it, it is slow and winding and I imagine could take drivers, going too fast unaware, there could also be problems with overtaking on such windy roads where few safe opportunities exist, hence drivers get frustrated and accidents happen....

A9 scotland. because it is not dual carraige way.

Can't think of one specifically; it is usually down to the drivers and riders. Any road where drivers suddenly put the anchors on because they have just seen a speed camera. The old 'rubber 11's' on the tarmac are the usual sign. Any road that has not been re-surfaced in ages and the traction quality of the surface has gone off. So, looking at the AIA ALARM survey a lot of roads are neglected by UK councils. Negligence on the part of the councils will be next which is why they are trying to drive down speed limits!

They all are.

The A167 Chester-le-street - pity me road, this is because a lot of my friends son's mate's have been killed there.


I only really drive on roads in the North but I think the M62 is probably the most dangerous as people go too fast and drive too close together.

Don't know.


A4 - Gillettes corner.

A1 , to many lorries for, the size of road, or any road in london .


A19 at the crossroads with the A63. Southbound vehcles pull out around those turning left only to hit cars that are turning right to go Northbound. About 10 of these per year (plus many near misses).

A438 Oswestry to Newtown. High traffic volume with a frustrating amount of heavy traffic inviting impatience and risky overtaking. Poor junction design in 60mph areas. The Maesbury Road junction at Oswestry is a bizarre design that has caused many tragic accidents.

Any where people are driving!

A5 Daventry - too narrow and too many lorries.


M6 - regular incidents.


M6 junctions 10-16 poor surface , amount of traffic , driving standards.

M25 at dusk.

M6-so busy.


The most dangerous road I have personally used regularly (by count of flowers and yellow witness notices) is the B2244 between Hawkhurst in Kent and Sedlescombe in East Sussex. I do not drive at the moment, although I hold a full clean licence.

The bikers run up north A? N/B survey is you make no effort to assess; who has read & has the latest "Highway code" with another 30 new rules... Also, who is a teetotaller as am I!

A9 Perth to Inverness. There are a lot of serious accidents on it.

No idea.

A470- mountainous range.

Cat & Fiddle road in Derbyshire. Too many stupid bikers & kids driving 'pimp my ride'cars.

Watling Street A5.

I'm not sure?

M25 - the sheer volume of traffic and people changing lanes without due care.

Do not know.

M25 - too crowded and too many jams which can cause accidents as people often ignore slow down signs, especially in poor driving conditions.

A1 north.

The Avon Gorge in West Lothian because it has a sharp bend and there have been many accidents there before.

A449 north of worcester. high fatality rate.

A14 Volume of traffic.

A1 - Team Vallet to Gosforth - very fast and I see lots of serious accidents on it while travelling to and from work.

Don't know.

M25 between junctions 10 and 16 the widening scheme leaves many confused as to which lane they should be in, and many keen to race through the emptiest lane and weave about. There seem to have been more hold ups on that section than there were before it was widened.

A 14.

A14 Cambridge Huntingdon.

No idea.

No idea only drive locally dont take much notice nationally most dangerous near to me is probable m621 and outer ring road both have many accidents.

No Idea.

A57 East Lancashire Road joining Liverpool to Manchester. Speeding and bad driving not sufficiently policed to prevent frequent breaking of law by many drivers especially in vans and cars probably provided by employers. The road is well designed but spoilt by irresponsible driving practices. Many people use motorway system to avoid this road nowadays.

M 25 - vast number of vehicles.

No idea.

Beverley Road in Ruislip Manor, my ex lives there :P.


M 62 most busy.

No idea.


M25 - due to terrible congestion, people begin to get frustrated with those who drive slower.

Don't know.

Have no idea.

I have no idea!

Don't Know.

M6 motorway merges.

A14/M6 intersection. The simple (and totally inadequate) slip road should be replaced with a full under/over pass intersection (a mini spaghetti junction).

The A442 is single carriageway, very slow because of the number of bends in the road, and people are impatient and try overtaking where they should not because of slow progress. There are very many bad accidents on this road between Kidderminster Worcestershire and Bridgnorth in Shropshire.


M25 it is full of idiots and people who want to go fast.

Any road during rush hour.

M1 near London too much traffic.

Acle Straight, Potter Heigham, Norfolk. - Long and straight in a very rural area encouraging high levels of speeding. Agricultural traffic, elderly and slower drivers together with hidden access roads have caused many deaths.

M6 - it I too congested all the time and the heavy lorries do not help especially when it is raining.

Don't know.

Queslett Road, Great Barr, Birmingham because of all the accidents.

Snake Pass across the Pennines, has the most fatal accidents.

Not sure.

They are all dangerous because there are a lot of people out there who shouldn't have a license but never seem to be stopped by police - people like those on our housing estate who fly round corners without even pausing, never mind slowing down. There are also those people on motorways, usually men but not always, who push you in the fast lane when the motorway is full and you have nowhere to go. In fact it is not the roads that are unsafe but the drivers.

M25 Western Section because of 'variable' speed limits that go up and down alarmingly and cause you to take your eyes constantly off the road to check the variations which apply to the stretch of road you're on. The road works much better when they don't muck about with the speed limit.

A453, It is the main road from the M1 into nottingham, there as been a lot killed on that road.

A14, or m6. a14 is a joke with the avg speed cameras people drive worse than they would do normally. and m6 always seems to have a crash on.

A52, on many stretches, especially in Lincolnshire, where the flatness of the land distorts distances and perspective. It's simply not safe to overtake on this road and there have been far too many fatalities and serious injuries over the years in many Midlands counties.

M4 too much fast trraffic.

A49 Ross to Leominster Callow & Ashperton Very frequent mortalities.

A77 Ayrshire horrible major road from stranraer to glasgow.

A1 from Morpeth to Edinburgh. Not dual carriageway and traffic volume is too high for it not to be. Put a caravan or tractor on it and watch for the accident to occur.

A24; too many accidents, poor single carriageway sections, not enough intersections (too many are round-abouts).

A1 in the North East because it is the main road through the region and in a lot of places it a dual carriageway. It changes between A1 and A1M and people get impatient on the dual carriageway sections and take risks.

M25, I used to use it nearly every day and sometimes in the evening and people were always driving to close or to fast for the road conditions ie weather or traffic. I saw alot of unnessacary accidents.

M5, Bristol to Exeter, speed, tiredness & volume of traffic for the road.

M6~ to much traffic.

A34 near Stoke, there are far too many speed cameras which divert drivers concentration from the road.

Virtual every road - because 98% of drivers drive too fast for the road. I have recently taken up road cycling after many years away, and I cannot believe how aggressive and dangerous drivers are to cyclist. Every single one will overtake me on a blind crest/bend and in the face of oncoming traffic! Try riding a bike, then you'll see just how dangerous our roads really are.