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The software operating this Sky Set-Top Box in part uses software components licensed by third parties under Free/Open Source Software licences. Your rights in relation to each of these software components are governed by the relevant licence set out below. If you would like to download a copy of the source code for these components or receive a copy on CD, please visit www.sky.com/opensourcesoftware/SKYHD/downloads. Software components which are licensed to you by Sky CP Ltd for use on Sky HD are © 2018 Sky CP Ltd and its licensors. All rights reserved.

Open Source Licenses

Click here to view the Open Source licenses for all components which are used on the Sky HD platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have Sky updated the software on my SKY HD?
As part of our ongoing commitment to continue to provide new and innovative products and services to our customers, we have downloaded an updated version of our software to SKY HD. This software download means that you will continue to be able to enjoy the fantastic new services that we are looking to provide in the future.

How does this new software affect me?
You should not experience any significant differences in the functionality that you enjoyed in the previous version of software. However, some of the software that has been loaded onto your SKYHD is Open Source Software. Some of the licence agreements for this software require Sky to tell customers that it is being used. You can view information about the software by clicking here

What exactly is Open Source Software?
Open Source Software is software for which the underlying programming code is available to customers so that they may read it, make changes to it, and build new versions of the software incorporating their own changes if they wish to. For a more detailed definition or more information on Open Source Software visit http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html.

Why has Sky decided to use Open Source Software?
Open Source Software is typically developed by communities that share an interest in that software and actively use and support it. This passion leads to high quality, reliable software that can be tailored for specific purposes. Sky has found a number of Open Source Software developments that provide capabilities that benefit the software used in the SKY HD and in using the Open Source Software we and our customers also benefit from the ongoing support of the Open Source community.

Does this new software affect my existing customer contract with Sky?
No, this software does not change your existing customer contract with Sky in any way.

How can I access the software released under the Open Source Licences?
Further instructions on how to obtain the source code are available here.

What if I have further questions?
Please email any further questions to ossenquiries@bskyb.com