We’ve updated our Sky viewing cards

Your Sky viewing card is used by your Sky box to give you access to certain channels. From time to time, we need to replace Sky viewing cards to ensure you receive a secure and up-to-date service.

We have now finished mailing out new white Sky viewing cards to the following customers:

  • Customers with a Pay TV subscription
  • Pay Once Watch Forever customers
  • Digital Switchover (DSO) Help Scheme customers

We'll be replacing all Pay TV providers' viewing cards. Plus, Pay Once Watch Forever and Digital SwitchOver (DSO) Help Scheme customers will also be automatically mailed cards.

Sky card - front and back

Problems with your viewing?

If you’re getting a blue screen and seeing any of the following messages on your TV, it means you’re still using the old blue Sky viewing card in your Sky box – and you need to insert the new white Sky viewing card immediately.

If you’re struggling to locate the viewing card slot in your box click here.

Sky card - front and back

Not received a viewing card?

If you have a Pay TV subscription or are a Pay Once Watch Forever or Digital Switch Over (DSO) Help Scheme customer and you have not received a white replacement viewing card please contact your Pay TV provider.

If you do not fit the criteria above, but use a Sky viewing card to access certain free channels you can obtain a new card by visiting sky.com/replacecard

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